The 2016 Rio Olympics Starring You!
Choosing an English Teaching School in Brazil
Are you a Bearded Dragon? + a life Changing Question
3 Steps to Build a Website to Teach English – Part 2
Brazilian Food – Feijoada with Recipe!
3 Steps to Setup an Online English Teaching Site – Part 1
What is it Like to Live in Brazil?
TESOL, TEFL Courses and other Guides in Brazil – Solving a Mystery!
A Little Welcome Message
English Teaching Jobs and Work in Brazil

The 2016 Rio Olympics Starring You!

2016 Rio Olympics, Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro

With all the current hype of the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London, what will the in Rio mean for you as a foreigner?

4 years is a long time until the next Olympic games, but a short time for the unorganized and bureaucratic nation of Brazil to get it’s act together in order to keep it’s end of the deal it made to win the 2016 Olympic bid.  But at the same time it is an exciting wait as it will be the first time ever that any country in South America will be a host of the Olympic Games.

I followed live and saw when then President Lula and Co received the good news: they had been chosen for the games.  Tears rolled down, hugs were given and lots of partying ensued.

But that is just the beginning, pandemonium spread to Brazil when they learned of the news.

Just see this video:


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Choosing an English Teaching School in Brazil

teaching, english, Brazil I get asked this question a lot by foreigners wanting to make it in Brazil “how do I get into an English school??””

Today, in part 5 of the “Teaching English in Brazil” series, I will show you what needs to happen in order to find an English school to teach in!

Like I’ve mentioned in the previous parts of this series, teaching English is probably one of the best and most lucrative options for foreigners that live in Brazil.

Here’s a little recap for ya: in part 1, I covered the different scenarios you would want to consider for teaching English in Brazil, in part 2 I covered the qualifications to get you started, and part 4 were all about how to get you a website up and running so that you can make money by teaching English online, whether abroad or in Brazil.

If you chose Scenario 1 – Work for an English school on their payroll or Scenario 2 – Work for an English school as a “private teacher” from part 1, then this is the guide for you!

1. Finding an English Teaching School

The first step in finding a suitable English teaching school, is to obviously figure out where you would imagine yourself teaching via research, your network and other means.

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Are you a Bearded Dragon? + a life Changing Question

Live in Brazil, Bearded Dragon Do you feel out of place, like you don’t fit in?  Like you have been taken and put into a fake environment where you feel trapped and out of place?

What if there was one question so powerful that if you asked it, your life would be changed forever? Well, there is…

These last few days our neighbors were out of town and we had the luxury of baby-sitting their .  I guess that it was more exciting for the kids than anything, I just thought that it was dim, stinky and in the way.

The Caged Routine

Here was this very “unintelligent” (trying to be nice) creature who would wake up when we turned on the artificial sun-bulb in the morning, climb up and sit on his little log in order try to get his face as close as possible to the sun-bulb for a little heat.

He would then spend the day laying on his log, trying to figure out why he couldn’t run through the glass side of the cage (for hours on end), eating, pooping and … that’s pretty much it until we turned off his sun-bulb at the end of the evening.

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3 Steps to Build a Website to Teach English – Part 2

This is basically a continuation from part 1 where I showed you how to lay down a foundation for your online shop utilizing GoDaddy’s domain service, BlueHost’s hosting and a StudioPress theme.

I mentioned last time in this Teaching English in Brazil series, about the importance of having an online presence when teaching English (or doing business) and some of the results it will give you, and today I am going to show you the final steps to start an easy website that can help you be lucrative when teaching online (or for advertising yourself).

The steps I will go over are specifically catered to an English teaching website but like I have mentioned before, can be used for other online business.

Keep in mind that this is based on a lot of research into what successful teachers are using out there.

This is where setting up your site gets more exciting as everything begins coming together!

Note: these how tos are based on products that I myself use, other successful online marketers use and are proven to work.  I stand by them but please do not feel that you have to purchase anything to be successful at teaching English. 

I really believe that by following these steps, it will launch you into a faster and more successful business.

Last time we went over the bare bones of how to get the foundation into place, and this time we will build upon it.

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Brazilian Food – Feijoada with Recipe!

Brazilian food, Brazilian cuisine, live in Brazil, food culture, Brazilian food recipe, feijoada If you have ever been to Brazil or are there now, then you definitely have heard of feijoada! And if you haven’t, I would suggest moving to Brazil just because of it (haha).

Today I am going to describe to you what the national dish called feijoada is, where it came from and a feijoada recipe for it so you too can make some whether you live in Brazil, are moving to Brazil or just want some.

Note: if you are vegetarian, I will include a feijoada recipe for you as well!

One of the perks of living in Brazil is the fact that you are introduced to a very special and different world of Brazilian food. In Brazil, food is not just for filling your belly as quickly and efficiently as possible, Brazilian food is a centerpiece for enjoying each other’s company.

So, when a Brazilian prepares a dish for you, it is done with pride, passion and care. This is just one of the reasons as to why feijoada is such a “proud” dish for a Brazilian to serve, there is a lot of emotions and history that go along with it.

This is because Brazil has an empathetic view towards the centuries of slaves the modern Brazilian claims roots from. The common folkloric explanation one hears as to the origin of Feijoada is that the slaves were handed the left over pieces from slaughtered animals, they then took these pieces (i.e. ears, intestines, feet etc) and made a type of black bean based soup with them.

Whether this is true or not, I’m not sure, but historians can retrace it’s roots to northern Portugal in the 18th century. Though in Brazil, Feijoada became widespread in the 19 century starting around the northeast.

Let’s talk a bit about what feijoada is

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3 Steps to Setup an Online English Teaching Site – Part 1

Brazil, teaching, guide, esl, tefl, tesol, English, abroad, jobs, website, domain, hosting, wordpress, theme, template Setting up a lucrative English teaching business (or any other business) starts with setting up a website. Today, most everything is done and found online and if you don’t have an online presence, you are missing out!

Here is what you can use an English Teaching website for – automization:

  • Utilize a webinar (a prerecorded or live online seminar) setup so that you can have countless students attend classes and charge for it via PayPal or the like.
  • Record a beginner English series and sell it as a package.
  • Use a newsletter to give out free English tips to your students and offer them deals, discounts and upcoming events.
  • Write an eBook on learning English and sell it on your website
  • Have an online calendar on your site (plugin from WordPress for example) for your current students in a members area so that they can sign up for classes when you are available
  • Have an introductory video on the site so they can get to know you (YouTube).
  • Create and maintain blogs so that your students can follow you and interact with you
  • Have your own personal and more professional looking e-mail address
  • To promote yourself to other parts of the country or abroad in teaching English
  • To be your online medium so that students don’t constantly call and bug you
  • Make your services well known
  • And so on!
This type of automation and online presence equals much more $$$, and like I mentioned in the first part of the series, you can start with it right away even before you have any type of visa to brazil.  That’s right, you can build up your English teaching business now and have a functional one before you arrive!

What is it Like to Live in Brazil?

Brazil, life, live, move, moving, visas, jobs
Paradise, wonderful food, amazing culture, beautiful people, a booming economy. These may be a few of the first impression you may have about Brazil, but what is it really like, is it the proverbial land of milk and honey?

Defining what it is exactly like to live in Brazil is a complex subject with many opinions and something that I have dedicated an entire website to understanding. Therefore, I have decided that I will do my best to give you my fastest and most direct impressions of how I view life in Brazil.

Disclaimer: this will probably be quite biased, as I love Brazil!

The friendship capital of the world

If you watched my free video series “The Golden Ticket to Brazil”, you have definitely heard me call Brazil “the friendship capital of the world”. This isn’t a term I made up (wouldn’t be clever enough to figure that out hehe) this is literally what I have heard time and time again from numerous foreigners who come to live in Brazil.

This is probably my favorite part of life in the friendship capital: how a buddy will just randomly show up at your house to see how it’s going and hang out, how Brazilians are focused on having a good time and making sure you do the same, how they will take you in as one of their own and so on.

Making friends is something extremely cultural and very easy. I mean, you would have to lock yourself in a room with no windows, stay in there all day and never come out in order to not make friends!

This is due to the fact that when you meet a Brazilian for the first time, they are focused on seeing how they can include you into their personal network of buddies in some way. This is also how anything gets done in the country – via friendship favors.

If you show interest in befriending someone, before you know it, you will be at their house partaking in a back yard “churrasco” with their close neighbors and friends (for those who don’t know, “churrasco” is the Brazilian word and the world renowned way of having a BBQ – I will write a blog on it sometime).

You will never lack people to talk to and hang out with, even if you go to the beach alone you will find someone to hang out with/talk to!

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TESOL, TEFL Courses and other Guides in Brazil – Solving a Mystery!

Brazil, teaching, guide, esl, tefl, tesol, English, abroad, jobsThe great course confusion: what should I take to get qualified to teach English in Brazil?

So what qualifications will get you into a language school in Brazil?  What courses do you need to take in order to teach English privately?

Those are a couple of the many great questions surrounding the teaching of English in Brazil and I intend on demystifying them today!

But before you continue and if you haven’t, I recommend that you start by checking out the introduction at the hub by clicking here.

In part 1, I went over 5 different English teaching scenarios in Brazil and a general introduction to what they are.  I also asked you to pick one you can follow with through the rest of this series.

Do you remember which scenario it was?  If not, then you can get a refresher here

I will separate this part into 2 groups: qualifications for teaching at a school and qualifications for teaching privately.


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A Little Welcome Message

Brazil, guide, blog, how to, videos, living, life, portugueseFala galera!

So, as you can see this website is hot off the press and undergoing some modifications and changes (for the better of course!).

And if you’ve read the “About Me” and “Start Here” pages, you will be aware of the intentions of this website and who I am.

But I would like to tell you a bit about where I am planning to go with this blog itself!

Here is what I have for you

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English Teaching Jobs and Work in Brazil

Brazil, teaching, guide, esl, tefl, tesol, English, abroad, jobs

Before you read part 1 of the English Teaching Guide, I would recommend taking a look at the introduction on the hub page .

You may have heard the saying “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”, well the same is true for teaching English as a second language (ESL).  What may work for one person may not work for another.

Whether you have experience or knowledge in teaching English or not, you can teach English.  I will go over the knowledge side in the next part but with that in mind, I would like to go over a few different typical “English Teaching Scenarios” so that you can see which one you best fit into.

*Note: I am not including public schools and universities as these aren’t typical scenarios.  They are very bureaucratic and Brazilians with degrees and vestibular as well as connections usually get hired.

Now before diving into these scenarios, keep in mind that you will need some type of a relevant visa allowing you to work (except scenario 5).


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