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‘I’m Kevin.  I’m a 30 year old guy originally from the Pacific Northwest (USA), who has always belonged in paradise.  I consider myself to be extremely fortunate.KevinPorter

I am not high up on the totem pole in Brazilian society or a well known celebrity.  But I feel that I live a better life than that without worries or fear.  I do this together with the love of my life who I met in Brazil and our amazing children.  I value family and friends – and being able to focus on this in the best possible country in the world suited for it, Brazil!

My Story

I used to live the normal cultural lifestyle pursuing the American Dream: an education, a good 9-5 job, blingy car, plenty of friends and fun.  I felt that the American Dream for me was turning out to be more of a nightmare… it seemed that I always fit in better with latin people – had a and culture!

After having heard so many amazing things about Brazil (and having met so many unbelievable Brazilians in the USA who embraced me into their community), I sold everything I owned, took a leap of faith and decided that I was going to move there!

My initial arrival was in 2005 as a volunteer for a large non-profit organization; though struggles came and went (bureaucracy!!), I entered into a love affair with Brazil – and better yet, met the woman of my dreams in the process! (slam dunk!)

I would never trade anything I had in America for the perfect paradisiacal lifestyle in Brazil!

Then Why the Live in Brazil website??

With this site/blog, I wish to be as transparent as possible about how it really is for us as members of this community – we have always been strong and striving but I don’t feel that it has been appropriately represented on the Internet. 

If you aren’t living in Brazil but considering it then start with the

I don’t like to boast about myself, but for credibility sake, here is a little testimony:

Without Kevin arranging life in Brazil would have been much more difficult, stressful, and – quite frankly – more expensive. Brazilians are probably the friendliest people in the world but the country is also all about negotiation and knowing the right people. If things don’t go as expected, and even if they do, language skills, connections, and general chutzpah are needed. Cultural knowledge is essential; much more so than in Europe or – I would imagine – in North America. Therefore, people like Kevin are invaluable.
-Mikael Wahlström, Finland

And as a final word, please read this bit carefully:

I wouldn’t consider myself to be some “Guru” – I kind of despise them myself… I am just some average Joe who took a chance where, thanks to this community and a lot of work, things worked out and was able to live his dream!

Making an optimal lifestyle in Brazil work takes a lot of sacrifice, effort and patience; therefore, I believe that if you dedicate yourself – maybe learn from some of my mistakes? – you will make it too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and looking forward to seeing you on the blog with the others soon!

Valeu mano! (right on bro!) Please share the love!


P.S. For an easily implementable plan to live successfully in Brazil, check out my


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  • Hi dear Sir Kevin, my name is Malik and i m living in sao paulo Brazil since 9 months. i am really need your contact number bcz i m suffering here without job, i got marriage here with brazilian woman,, i got all documents like RNE… please contact with me.. its my MObile no, +5511976646016

    • Dear Malik,

      I feel really sorry to know about your current situation, and more sorry that I cannot be any help to you, right now. Still I sympathize with you because like your’s my love of life lives in Brazil and I too want to come there, marry her and get a job. Since you have already done all that I would like to be in contact of you and to know more about yourself and possibly help you bro.
      I will try to contact you via whatapp on number you mentioned. Hope you get the job soon!

  • Hello Kevin,I’m trying to have contact with u asap.I.saw that u are not on Facebook a lot
    Please I need to talk to u
    Thank u

  • Hi I have been researching into a marriage visa, I am currently illegal. I read that I can’t get married whilst illegal but your comment on your page suggest otherwise. What I understood from your page I could go ahead with the marriage part whilst illegal, then apply for my permeant visa? Could you please confirm this with me as I am getting lots of different opinion. Many thanks

  • Hey Kevin,

    Completely understand the rules with regards to 180 days maximum over 365.
    But what I am stuck on is the time after this period. This will be clearer once explained:

    So I entered Brazil on the first time this year on October 18th, I spent 5 months 1 week on Brazil (with a day on Paraguay after first 90) and saved 3 weeks for the Olympics. I have nowngot back and have exactly 0 days left.

    I realise that once it gets to October 18th again I will slowly get my days back. However this is what puzzles me!
    If for example I return on the 18th of November I return I will then have 30 days. However theoritacally the days will continue to rollover which means I should be given 90 days.

    My question is will I be given a stamp for 30 days, or will Policia Federal take into account the dates which will rollover and automatically give me 90 days.

    Please help,


  • Hi Kevin! Your blog is full of valuable information, really helping me out. I’m having trouble downloading the template for the proof of residence. Can you send it to me by email? Would be really useful, as I’m in Floripa trying to buy a car

    • Have you asked your landlord to do this for you? Ordinarily they can go to the cartório where their signature is registered to do this for you.

  • Hello.
    Great website to help me as im planing also to have birth in Brazil.
    Im wondering if you did apply yourself for the citizenship and is it a 100% sure case. Im syrian ans making this decision which is very important for me and my child.

    Hope you will reply to me soon.
    Greetings to you and to your family.

    • Hi Linda, Permanent residency is guaranteed – which gives you the right to live and work in Brazil indefinitely. However, citizenship is more complicated and depends on you living in Brazil for a year as a permanent resident, learning the language, being able to support yourself, not having a criminal record, etc.

  • Hi Kevin ,

    Nice website !
    I am Pieter, from Belgium (living in Brazil for 6 years ), Me and my partner are offering a job in our little tour and trekking company in the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia. The good thing is , you don’t need to move here , if not wanted. A good internet connection and good English and Portugese or French language skills are necessary.

    • Pieter,

      My name is Alex. I’ve been living in Brazil for the last three years. I am currently looking for jobs that I can do from home. I would like to know what opportunities you are offering. I can speak fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese. My French is also pretty good. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Oi, Kevin!

    Thanks for the great site!

    Discovered your Google Maps overview of the island on YouTube and found it to be very accurate. Also you speak excellent portuguese (I am currently learning). Very much appreciate your distillation of the language and tips on this site.

    I too am originally from the US (CA, OR, MT and MN) and will be moving to Floripa in June with my wife (who is from SP but has been living here in the US getting her MBA for a few years).

    We will be living in Novo Campeche and I will be teaching english. Possibly for a tech company via one of the English Schools in Centro, or as a digital nomad under my own brand.

    Are you still in Floripa? If so I’m hoping we can maybe connect digitally at first and possibly meet up at some point down the road as it appears we are both in the language/tech space.


    • Thanks for reaching out – unfortunately Kevin is living in New Zealand for a year at the moment. But good luck with your plans! Wish you the best!

  • I have a question for you regarding careers or jobs in Brazil…I was looking at the part of white collar professionals. So in the U.S. I have 14 years experience as an Esthetician in the spa industry (performing facials, waxing, pedicures, etc). Do you have any resources as to how I could obtain a license to practice those services in Brazil?

  • Hello. I read the articles, very helpful. I am American citizen and my wife is Filipina (US resident greencard holder). If we choose to go to Brazil to have our child, I can get about 3 months off work (school teacher) to be there. We are both very interested in a dual citizenship, especially for myself. Plus, I have some extended family from Brazil…a natural fit. I am interested in the citizenship. I know after one year I can get it. But as I said, I have a teaching job back in the USA. Would I simply get residency, maintain an apartment there and go back every so often over a year? Or would I have to physically stay there for a full year? Wife and child could be with me in the USA or would they need to remain there for a full year?

    Many thanks.

    • Permanent residency could be done within 3 months, but if you want citizenship you will ALL need to be LIVING in Brazil for a year on your permanent residency visa. You can travel during this time but you need to justify and explain your absences in your application.

  • Hey Guys! I actually have the same question as Travis.
    I move around a lot because of my job and have a good job elsewhere but I can’t leave my job and live in Brazil for a whole year. I can work a plan out to leave my wife for a a few months as well, with some family and our child, but definitely not moving for a whole year there.
    In that case said, can I still apply for citizenship?
    How can I work that out? I really appreciate your answer.

    • You can still apply for citizenship, but you will need to explain and justify all of your absences from the country for the year prior in your application.

  • Hi Kevin

    I and my wife are planning to come to Brazil for our son birth around third or fourth week of july 2017 I believe Florianopolis will be good for us too Please let me know about your service and all inclusive package and so on you have whatsup tel or send me message to bozdagd at yahoo so we can talk in detail appartment hospital and so on


  • Este blog ainda está ativo? Sou brasileiro! Estou estudando inglês em casa e pretendo, quem sabe um dia, ir para à América. Também estou lendo tudo sobre ”Nômade digital” e gostaria de me tornar um, trabalhar de casa. Alguma dica? Goodbye!

    • Oi Feliphe, Christian aqui, eu trabalhava como um nômade digital no Brasil. Quais habilidades você tem? Poderia trabalhar online?

  • Hi Kevin. Sending money from Philippines to Brazil through Western Union. The recepient is a Brazil national. How much taxes does he have to pay on that money? Thank you so much!

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