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Choosing an English Teaching School in Brazil

Choosing an English Teaching School in Brazil

teaching, english, Brazil I get asked this question a lot by foreigners wanting to make it in Brazil “how do I get into an English school??””

Today, in part 5 of the “Teaching English in Brazil” series, I will show you what needs to happen in order to find an English school to teach in!

Like I’ve mentioned in the previous parts of this series, teaching English is probably one of the best and most lucrative options for foreigners that live in Brazil.

Here’s a little recap for ya: in part 1, I covered the different scenarios you would want to consider for teaching English in Brazil, in part 2 I covered the qualifications to get you started, and part 4 were all about how to get you a website up and running so that you can make money by teaching English online, whether abroad or in Brazil.

If you chose Scenario 1 – Work for an English school on their payroll or Scenario 2 – Work for an English school as a “private teacher” from part 1, then this is the guide for you!

1. Finding an English Teaching School

The first step in finding a suitable English teaching school, is to obviously figure out where you would imagine yourself teaching via research, your network and other means.

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