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What is it Like to Live in Brazil?

What is it Like to Live in Brazil?

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Paradise, wonderful food, amazing culture, beautiful people, a booming economy. These may be a few of the first impression you may have about Brazil, but what is it really like, is it the proverbial land of milk and honey?

Defining what it is exactly like to live in Brazil is a complex subject with many opinions and something that I have dedicated an entire website to understanding. Therefore, I have decided that I will do my best to give you my fastest and most direct impressions of how I view life in Brazil.

Disclaimer: this will probably be quite biased, as I love Brazil!

The friendship capital of the world

If you watched my free video series “The Golden Ticket to Brazil”, you have definitely heard me call Brazil “the friendship capital of the world”. This isn’t a term I made up (wouldn’t be clever enough to figure that out hehe) this is literally what I have heard time and time again from numerous foreigners who come to live in Brazil.

This is probably my favorite part of life in the friendship capital: how a buddy will just randomly show up at your house to see how it’s going and hang out, how Brazilians are focused on having a good time and making sure you do the same, how they will take you in as one of their own and so on.

Making friends is something extremely cultural and very easy. I mean, you would have to lock yourself in a room with no windows, stay in there all day and never come out in order to not make friends!

This is due to the fact that when you meet a Brazilian for the first time, they are focused on seeing how they can include you into their personal network of buddies in some way. This is also how anything gets done in the country – via friendship favors.

If you show interest in befriending someone, before you know it, you will be at their house partaking in a back yard “churrasco” with their close neighbors and friends (for those who don’t know, “churrasco” is the Brazilian word and the world renowned way of having a BBQ – I will write a blog on it sometime).

You will never lack people to talk to and hang out with, even if you go to the beach alone you will find someone to hang out with/talk to!

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