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Income Tax in Brazil 101: The Lowdown
How to Send Packages to Brazil Tax Free

Income Tax in Brazil 101: The Lowdown

There’s an old saying in Danish: “There are only two unavoidable things in life: death and taxes (in this order – think: estate tax)”.

And when moving to Brazil or considering it, this is one of the first and major questions to pop up in our heads.

I mean, where are the limits and when does Brazil start wanting their cut?

How about our country back home, when do I call it quits with the tax agency there?

Or do I have to pay taxes in both countries?

Though maybe a bit confusing at first, It’s something that I’ve been through and am here to help you with.

So whether a student, permanent resident or a guest, you’ll want to heed my following words…

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How to Send Packages to Brazil Tax Free

So you’ve been in Brazil for a while and have been hit by the 60% tax on everything that comes into the country?

Today I am going to show exactly what little simple loophole you can use to get around that, so you can send or receive packages to Brazil tax-free!

But before I continue, I would like to tell you a little story….

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