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I thought it would be nice and helpful to create a resource page you can come to for all your live in Brazil needs.  I will continually update it as I learn more, and you will notice that I will reference this page quite often.
I recommend bookmarking this page for your reference and convenience.  Have fun!

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the below links are affiliates, and at no additional cost to you.  I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with these companies and stand by them – they are very helpful and useful.  I don’t recommend them because of the small commission I make.  Please do not spend any of your hard earned $$ on these products if you don’t feel that they will help you achieve your goals.


– I’ve created this course to get fluent together with you, I only open up for a limited amount of people for each new start date, get the free crash course and with it, notification of the next course start! 🙂

Life in Brazil

Brazil for Life Ebook – this is a complete ebook with the ins and outs of moving to and living in Brazil. (Check out my review) – if you are looking for Brazilian love, this is THE place to find it.  1000s of single Brazilians looking for international love. (Check out my review)

Hide My Ass! VPN Pro – This cheap service will let you access Netflix, Pandora, Spotify FOX episodes, BBC and everything else you can’t normally from abroad – plus the reverse of giving you access to tons of Brazilian movies on Netflix in Brazil. (See my review of Hide My Ass! VPN Pro)

Skype – Skype has just introduced an unlimited calling to Brazilian landlines plan at a great price, you get one month free for a limited time!


Travisa – due to the bureaucracy, most visa agents only cover one jurisdiction and turn down most any visas that aren’t easy and make them a quick buck (tourist, business and student).  Travisa covers ALL jurisdictions and ALL types of visas! (and they’re good!)

Getting Jobs in Brazil

– A video series by yours truly that not only shows you the formula for a successful life in Brazil, but how to secure yourself a job!

The Brazil Career Blueprint – created by my good friend Ilya Brotzky, a paid membership where he shows you step-by-step how to launch an extraordinary career in Brazil!

Getting a job in Brazil – series of posts to help you get a job.

Making Money

I-to-I TEFL Courses – a great and flexible program for Teaching English as a Foreign language, gives you access to their extended network.  Check out this post for more info.

– Josh has been teaching English in Brazil for years and is the authority on the subject, check him out.


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  • Hi Kevin,
    I am dating a Brazilian woman who speaks English but not very well in most cases. I’ve tried using other methods of learning but am absolutely exhausted by them and their seemingly ineffectiveness. Any link I find to your crash course/blueprint dead end. Do you have a current link to use so I can get started? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  • Hi, my name is Alberta and like to retirement in Brazil my SS amount is 2,000 dollars a Mo. Would I be able to live there permanet I am from Chicago

    Thank , You
    Your Time

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