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Creating Healthy Habits when Speaking Portuguese | 003
How I (Almost) Got a 6 Figure Job in Brazil
The Acceleration Blueprint to Speak Portuguese Fast | 002
Drivers License In Brazil | Getting One And A Holey Revelation
Speak Portuguese in 6 Months | Your Journey
Income Tax in Brazil 101: The Lowdown
How to Get a Student Visa to Study Portuguese
The 6 Golden Documents You Need to Survive in Brazil

Creating Healthy Habits when Speaking Portuguese | 003

Last Friday, we revealed the Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint for the world to see!  The blueprint that launches you into speaking Portuguese fluent in under 6 months.

This part is about how healthy habits clear the way of any brush or trees for the construction of your language highway.

This highway is ultimately what will get you up and speaking fluent, and so this first phase of planning goals and “clearing the way” is the most important.

So pay close attention and buckle your seatbelts, here we go!

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How I (Almost) Got a 6 Figure Job in Brazil

Getting a job in Brazil is one of the most important factors for a foreigner in being able to come and live in Brazil.

And rightfully so as it provides security and stability in knowing that you and your family will be provided for.

Today, I’m going to tell you how I stumbled across a 6 figure job in Brazil and came within inches of being hired. Read More

The Acceleration Blueprint to Speak Portuguese Fast | 002

Speak Portuguese fast, speaking Portuguese  fast and in an unstoppable way- does that sound good?

Of course it does and with this Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint you will be introduced to today, you’ll be like a freight train.

Fueled by your passion and belief, following this blueprint will build your momentum up continually and exponentially.

And no obstacle will dare get in front of you as your language momentum will be just too much to handle!

So all aboard because it’s time to catapult you into the realm of speaking Portuguese fluently each and every Friday – choochoo, here we go…

(Don’t forget to join the “Speak Portuguese in Under 6 Months” !)

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Drivers License In Brazil | Getting One And A Holey Revelation

Today you will hear a story about how a holey road gave me a revelation.

A revelation that I will now share with you: if you wait more then 180 days to get a Brazilian drivers license, you could be testing fate…

180 days.  That’s how long you have until your time is up.

After those 180 days and no Brazilian License (CNH) in hand, then you could be on path to a kamikaze mission (no pun intended)!

Something like this happened to me and it’s time that I share it with you…

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Speak Portuguese in 6 Months | Your Journey

It is possible for you to learn how to speak Portuguese in under 6 months.

The truth is that you want to be great at Portuguese, even fluent

And you do have the potential.

Of course you do. It’s just waiting to be shaped, nurtured and molded so that you can deliver great results.

I learned to speak Portuguese in under 6 months (I practice what I preach) and am here to show you how to do the same – or faster.

Join me every Friday through this series of blog posts as I give you the Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint that will launch you into fluency in no time.

(And don’t forget to join the )

But before continuing, would you like to be let in on a little known secret?

Most people quite learning Portuguese within only 1 month of starting!

And here’s why…

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Income Tax in Brazil 101: The Lowdown

There’s an old saying in Danish: “There are only two unavoidable things in life: death and taxes (in this order – think: estate tax)”.

And when moving to Brazil or considering it, this is one of the first and major questions to pop up in our heads.

I mean, where are the limits and when does Brazil start wanting their cut?

How about our country back home, when do I call it quits with the tax agency there?

Or do I have to pay taxes in both countries?

Though maybe a bit confusing at first, It’s something that I’ve been through and am here to help you with.

So whether a student, permanent resident or a guest, you’ll want to heed my following words…

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How to Get a Student Visa to Study Portuguese

What if I told you that you could easily live in Brazil and study Portuguese 4 hours a week from a known University?

You would get to stay in Brazil on a student visa, learn the language you already want to and extend your visa as many times as you need!

This is known as the “Secret Permanent Residence Visa” and is easier to get then you think.

Let me bring you through the step-by-step help so that you can get closer to your dreams.

But First, A Little “WHY”

Yesterday on my Facebook page, I asked the following question:

And to my surprise, I got the following answers right away (the name “Jonathan IfeelReally White” still cracks me up!):

What stood out to me was Travis’ answer (highlighted above).  Having gone through this myself, I can really identify with this feeling of wanting and needing to move to Brazil.  Carrying that feeling around on a daily basis weighs on you and makes you feel as if you are missing your full potential.

So I officially dedicate this post to you Travis!

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The 6 Golden Documents You Need to Survive in Brazil

What if I told you that there are 6 documents that will get you access to most anything in Brazil?

This is everything from the start to finish: applying for a visa, buying a house, opening a bank account, getting Internet – you name it and these documents will pretty much cover them all!

Well, I’m going to tell you what they are and how you too can get your own “Golden 6”.

Here they are:

  1. Translated Drivers License
  2. Translated Birth Certificate
  3. Translated Police Record
  4. CPF
  5. Proof of Residence
  6. Federal Police proof of ID

Before I knew about “The Golden 6”, I ran into problems at every corner when trying to get things done…

Like when I tried to get a 3G mobile Internet plan: “I’m sorry sir, but you can’t get a phone plan as we need your proof of residence”

Or when I tried to buy a wardrobe: “You cannot buy this unless you get a friend to give me his CPF number…”

Or when applying for my visa: “We need a translated police record before you can apply”.

And the examples keep coming…

I call these “The Golden 6” because with them, life becomes much easier in Brazil.

Allow me to explain exactly what these documents can be used for, why you need them and how to get them…

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