The Acceleration Blueprint to Speak Portuguese Fast | 002

Speak Portuguese fast, speaking Portuguese  fast and in an unstoppable way- does that sound good?

Of course it does and with this Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint you will be introduced to today, you’ll be like a freight train.

Fueled by your passion and belief, following this blueprint will build your momentum up continually and exponentially.

And no obstacle will dare get in front of you as your language momentum will be just too much to handle!

So all aboard because it’s time to catapult you into the realm of speaking Portuguese fluently each and every Friday – choochoo, here we go…

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The Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint – an Introduction

This is exciting, a day to celebrate for sure – it’s the day that you started on your mission to become fluent at speaking Portuguese.

I bet you look forward to the day where you can say “Look at me, I speak fluent, I did it!” (Olha para mim, sou fluente, eu consegui!) and it all started with this formula.

You see, this is like nothing else out there as it wasn’t designed for my personal financial benefit. It was the actual blueprint I used to speak fluent Portuguese in under 6 months, without ever having set foot in Brazil! 

And I believe that this system will work and do the same thing for you – even faster if you are now in Brazil.

UPDATE : since this post, I’ve created a FREE crash course to learn Portuguese, !

To kick it off, here is a video guide, made just for you in order to get you launched into this system:

(Watch  on YouTube)


  • I introduce the Acceleration Blueprint
  • Each step of the “wheel” is explained
  • You are challenged to try it for yourself

Did that all make sense?  I hope it did and that the challenge hit home a bit.

What We will Cover in the Weeks to Come

Every Friday for the next 9 weeks, we are going to dig deep into each portion of this Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint and uncover how you can create your own – step-by-step.

And by the time yours is finished, you will be in the flow and blazing forward to speaking Portuguese at full speed!

Why each Friday?  Because each week will come with a challenge, this way you can reflect about it over the weekend and move forward during that next week.

Now, here is a better looking version of the Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint:

And let’s check out a break down of each part of the journey we will go through together:

003 Healthy Habits

  • Defining goals and committing to them.
  • Setting realistic sub-goals.
  • Being accountable.
  • Allowing for slippage (expecting hangups and dealing with them).

The challenge for this week will be to lay out a plan for you, setting realistic goals and sub-goals for learning to speak Portuguese, finding someone to be accountable to and learning how to deal with hangups along the way.

004 Conditioning Your Mind

  • Understanding what happens to your mind when learning Portuguese
  • How to unlock your mind’s potential
  • Practical tips on training your mind for learning to speak Portuguese.

This week’s challenge will be focused on setting you in the right state of mind (if you mind).

005 Eliminating Failure

  • Believing that you can
  • Dealing with life’s business
  • Focusing on your goals
  • Blowing shortcomings away

During this weeks challenge, you will be encouraged and motivated to focus on reaching your goal of speaking Portuguese and given practical tips to do so.

006 Creating a Foundation

  • Deciding on a Portuguese Course
  • How to unlock the potential of the course
  • How to have fun with it and make it fit your style

And your challenge for this week will be to try out and test a Portuguese program to see if it fits.

007 Dominating Vocabulary and Grammer (Part 1 and Part 2)

  • Associate Portuguese vocabulary and grammer
  • Visualize and memorize – while having fun.
  • Make it fit your style of learning – so it happens naturally.

Your challenge for this week will be to take the new grammer and vocabulary, and put them into a system that works for you.

008 Real Life Usage

  • Learn where to find Brazilians to speak (and have fun) with.
  • Unlock the potential of Facebook to throttle your speaking abilities.
  • Find out where the unturned and hidden (FREE) gems are out there.

The challenge for this week will be to take a step of faith and attempt to speak Portuguese to some Brazilians.

009 Body Language and Pronunciation Mimic

  • The types of body language you will encounter (with examples).
  • How Brazilians use their voices to communicate (with examples).
  • What you can do to mimic body language and pronunciation.

The challenge for this week will be to try and mimic both body language and mimic spoken pronunciation.

010 Fast and Fun Fluency

  • Creating a circular process that builds in momentum.
  • How you can have fun doing so.

The challenge for the week will be to see how you can make each part of this Acceleration Blueprint more fun!

011 Passion and Belief

  • Understanding what it truly means to be build passion.
  • What belief is and how it pushes you in the right direction

The challenge for the week will be to get more fired up in believing that you can speak Portuguese, all catalyzed by passion.

Final Words

Are you excited?  Well I can’t wait to pour all of the wisdom and advice that I can muster up into you week after week during this series.

As you may know, the whole reason for me creating this series is because I believe that you can succeed.  And with my coaching and guidance along the way (based on what worked for me and where I failed in numerous languages), you will succeed in speaking Portuguese!

Challenge of the week: write a comment below this post committing to joining me in your journey and .

To your success,

Valeu – Cheers!


P.S. Don’t forget to check my new out!.

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  • I'm looking forward to seeing how this course develops as I'm sure it will be a great resource for people to learn Portuguese.

    I'm not sure I agree with 005 "Eliminating Failure" as I believe that failing is one of the most important aspects of learning a language. By failing I mean being in a situation where you don't know the right word, where you mispronounce something, or you say something really stupid. These cases are all very important for the learning process because they show what you need to improve and provide added motivation.

    • Thanks Josh!

      You know, I couldn't agree more about your comment and I hope that it didn't come across as me saying that "you are not allowed to fail"…

      Failure is something that will happen and what I'm going to do is to show others how they can pick themselves up and turn that "weakness" into "strength".

      On the whole subject of failure, there a post coming in a week and a half about one of my recent (huge) ones and how it changed me for the better.

  • Very good for foreing people who wants to learn how to speak Portuguese. Many of my friends who live abroad always ask me for books and sites where the can learn Portuguese. Two years ago I found out Portuguese for Foreing People. The title is " MUITO PRAZER". I like it and have recommendei and from now on I will recomend you. I am a Portugueseand English teacher since 1976 when I graduates from the university. Good luck!

  • I am EXCITED! I WILL be here every Friday! I WILL learn to speak Portuguese! (How's that for positive?) Can't wait for the next step!

    • Cool Paul – you have the right attitude and that's where it all starts! Looking forward to walking through this journey together with you.

      Don't forget to joint the Facebook group too (and invite others)

  • I've been waiting for something like this Forever! I've lived in São Paulo for almost 2 years and I CAN'T speak or understand properly! My fiancé isn't Brazilian but he speaks Portuguese asif it's his only language. He speaks five languages and I always feel like a idiot because he has to interpret everything! It causes so much aggravation! So I want to impress him! Ha! Not even gonna tell him! Thanks for this! Celeste

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