3 Signs That You Are Destined to Move to Brazil

Just because you are born in your surroundings, doesn’t mean that you belong there.

Ever notice how in every litter of puppies that there is always 1 that is seemingly different?

Or how every now and then you buy some bananas and there is one that is larger then the others?  Maybe that last example was a bad one….

The same is true for human nature and despite pushes to be all-inclusive in many countries, some of us just don’t feel included.  These cultural “misfits” are like 4-leaf clovers: beautiful and lucky but yet don’t seem to belong with the rest of the 3-leaf crowd.

Maybe you feel like this 4-leaf clover and believe that you belong with other 4-leaf clovers too?

Or maybe you feel that Brazil’s your field of 4-leaf clovers and calling out to you but you don’t know exactly why – you are confused if it really is for you or not…

I am one of you and the above could easily have been about me.  And for the longest time, I could not put words on exactly why I felt so good in Brazil and wanted to call it home from the get go.

Really, I could care less about the crime statistics, corruption and other draw back with the country – I loved (and love) being in Brazil!

Well, not too long ago the proverbial light turned on and the words came in abundance of why Brazil should be home: Brazil is my field of 4-leaf clovers.

Now my hope is that in defining these “signs”, it can serve to help end some of your confusion and bring you a step closer to your pursuit of happiness.

1. You Value Relationships over Tasks

Every day I would monotonously drive over an hour to work and I would then pull a 10-11 hour shift; all said and done, I was working around 14 a day, 5-6 days a week…

On the way to and from work, I would listen to Brazilian music and dream about either being together with my Brazilian friends locally or on some amazing beach in Brazil.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love working hard and a certain level of monotony is necessary.  The amount of hours being put in was just getting in the way of me being together with other amazing people who’s smile warmed my day, everyday.

Are relationships something that comes first for you?

Ask yourself this question: do you prefer building relationships with people over focusing on set rules and tasks?

Here’s a hint: if you find yourself wanting to spend more time on then focusing on a task in front of you, this may be you.

Let me start out by saying that there is one main focus in Brazil, and that is on building friendships “fazendo amizade”.

People in Brazil are warm, smiling and very receptive of a possible new friendship in the brew.

And I personally realized that being able to stop up in the middle of my day-to-day business and strike up a conversation with a guy delivering bread, ranks pretty high on my quality of life standards.

Having time for people at random times can be irritating for some but soothing and pleasant for our kind.

Which brings me to the next sign…

2. You Prefer Less Individuality and more Community

When I would go to work, I would focus on getting my main tasks done as quickly as possible to get them out of the way to be together with other co-workers and customers.

And when I was given responsibilities, I would make sure to always run them by my colleagues to make sure that they agreed with what decision was made, what outcome would happen and so on.

This was an obvious sign that I preferred doing things in community over being focused on being by myself, having my own closed and controlled environment etc.

Do you prefer doing things in groups or being identified as being part of something?

When I recently talked to a good friend of mine, he began telling me a story about someone who had recently wronged him.

Even though he directly told me about this person, he mostly referred to their entire direct family.

Even though none of the other people in his household directly wronged him, they were directly included in wronging him because they were part of that community – therefore, it was a community of people who wronged him.

Even though the above was a negative example, the idea remains the same: Brazilian think of people as less of an individual and more as “part of something”.

You see positive examples of this in the way a family or group of friends will completely open themselves up to you to make sure that you are included amongst them.

I had some friends who did just that.  When we arrived back in Brazil to give birth, we needed a landing pad somewhere as my wife was pregnant and we already had two very small children.

My friend’s family, though never having met us, took us in as one of their own.  They fed us, emptied an entire room for us (and made their teenage daughter sleep in the parents’ room!), helped us find a car, and let us unwind and get started on our feat.

Nothing was “theirs” in their minds; we were a happy part of the “us” at that place.

We were seen as a community blessing rather then a financial burden, which brings me to the next sign…

3. Money Doesn’t Equal Quality of Life

During my upbringing and young adult life, I was always taught that the following was true: the more $$$ you earn = the more happiness you have.

And when working over 50+ hour per week (up words of 70 including transportation time), I had a really nice BMW.

So here is the guy in his early 20’s driving a car that made middle-aged men green with envy.  I was single, making loads of money and not satisfied…

And so I sold my car, everything I owned, quite my job and left to Brazil to dedicate myself to the exact opposite: being a broke volunteer.

And there I was with no car, living off donations but with a huge smile on my face everyday.

Do you view money as a tool?

Money is necessary for survival and I’m in no way telling you to live in poverty (especially if you have a family).

I’m just trying to underline that I see money as nothing more then a tool rather then a source of happiness.

How about you, what is your relationship to money?

I am going to be honest with you, a life in Brazil wont afford you big tv’s and great stuff as things generally cost more or much more then what you are used to from back home.

So Instead of a BMW 5 series from back home, you would be able to afford something more like a Ford Focus.

Does that matter? No, not really – it’s just transportation.

So if you would be satisfied with having your main cost of living covered in Brazil and would trade chilled coconuts on a beach for the latest iPhone model, then this is you.

Call to Action

If you identified with the above and would like to look into checking out Brazil or moving for good, then I’m dedicated and here to help you throughout the process.

Here is what to do next:

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I look forward to walking you through reaching your dreams side-by-side.

Until next time.

Valeu – Cheers,

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