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3 Signs That You Are Destined to Move to Brazil
Teach English in Brazil: A How To Resource
3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs in Brazil
5 Tips to Motivate Your Partner to Move to Brazil
What to Bring When Moving to Brazil: 3 Must Knows
The Brazilian Carnival – Unspoken Heroes and a Call to Action
How to Get a Proof of Residence in Brazil

3 Signs That You Are Destined to Move to Brazil

Just because you are born in your surroundings, doesn’t mean that you belong there.

Ever notice how in every litter of puppies that there is always 1 that is seemingly different?

Or how every now and then you buy some bananas and there is one that is larger then the others?  Maybe that last example was a bad one….

The same is true for human nature and despite pushes to be all-inclusive in many countries, some of us just don’t feel included.  These cultural “misfits” are like 4-leaf clovers: beautiful and lucky but yet don’t seem to belong with the rest of the 3-leaf crowd.

Maybe you feel like this 4-leaf clover and believe that you belong with other 4-leaf clovers too?

Or maybe you feel that Brazil’s your field of 4-leaf clovers and calling out to you but you don’t know exactly why – you are confused if it really is for you or not…

I am one of you and the above could easily have been about me.  And for the longest time, I could not put words on exactly why I felt so good in Brazil and wanted to call it home from the get go.

Really, I could care less about the crime statistics, corruption and other draw back with the country – I loved (and love) being in Brazil!

Well, not too long ago the proverbial light turned on and the words came in abundance of why Brazil should be home: Brazil is my field of 4-leaf clovers.

Now my hope is that in defining these “signs”, it can serve to help end some of your confusion and bring you a step closer to your pursuit of happiness.

1. You Value Relationships over Tasks

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Teach English in Brazil: A How To Resource

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Powerful shortcuts and tricks to allow you to make a nice income to Teach English in Brazil offline or online!

If you clicked on this page, then you are no doubt worried about securing yourself an income that affords you the freedom to do live the paradisiacal lifestyle you always wanted.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have been sent by a large multinational company to live in Brazil and this is why I think that they should consider teaching English.

ESL teaching won’t allow you to strike it rich or anything, though it will afford you a comfortable income .

And I’m not just talking about income, I’m talking about a job that allows you to be free as a bird – a job that you can take with you ANYWHERE in the world!

Well…It’s possible and I am going to spell out step-by-step EXACTLY how you can Teach English in Brazil! 

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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs in Brazil

All eyes are on Brazil and everyone seemingly wants a proverbial piece of the success pie that is becoming of the country!

With that increased attention, comes a lot of new jobs for foreigners and Brazilians.

And in Brazil, it is all about who you know that get’s you plugged into the right people so you can eventually find the right job for you.

In the old days, you would have to pretty much dial until you got finger cramps to find the right people in the right places – and usually in Portuguese.

Then you would need to be at the right places at the right times, inconvenience people and put a lot of analogue work into building your Brazilian network.

While building an analogue network is always a great idea, it does get tiring and is limiting – but mostly limiting.

Thankfully due to modern technology, networking is no longer as tedious a task as it once was, we can now automate many networking functions and keep constantly and easily up to date.

One of the wonders of social media is a website called , and if you don’t already have a profile over there, you’re frankly missing out!

So what is Linkedin and how can you use it to build your Brazilian network?

Let me show you…

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5 Tips to Motivate Your Partner to Move to Brazil

“I want to move to Brazil, I need to get back to Brazil, how do I convince her to move back to Brazil?!”

This was my frustrating train of thought for years and to be honest, it irritated and frustrated my wife (understandably).

I had an undying passion for this sun-kissed country and couldn’t wait to be rejoined with it again, the problem was that my wife didn’t feel entirely the same.  And I completely understood her as we had two small children and she was in the middle of a university education.

Logic and wisdom stated that we should wait out any move (if at all) but my heart told me the exact opposite.

I respected my wife’s concerns yet somehow a turn of events happened launching us into Brazil shortly thereafter!

How did I go from 0 chance of moving to Brazil to making it happen?  Easy, by choosing to respect and motivate my wife…

Let me translate what I did into 5 easy to follow steps to help you get through the same struggle.

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What to Bring When Moving to Brazil: 3 Must Knows

There I was, standing face-to-face with the smallest yet most expensive air conditioner I had ever seen in my life, all the while thinking “does this blow golden air or something?”.

And as my eyes were locked onto that 300% too high price tag out of sheer surprise, a sales assistant approached me and asked “Oi, tudo bem? Posso te ajudar?” (Hey, how’s it going? Can I help you).

Me: “uh…yeah…is that air conditioner so expensive because it’s imported?”

Sales assistant: “nope, it’s made in the tax free zone in Manaus!”

Me: (surprised) “then why does it cost so much?”

Sales assistant: “well…there are a lot of other taxes…”

Me: (thinking to myself) “If I would have known this, I would have purchased one back home for R$200 instead of R$749…”

The hugely overpriced air conditioner (R$749 = about $375USD)

Bottom line: I could have easily and legally avoided this inflated price tag if I knew what I’m about to tell you…

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The Brazilian Carnival – Unspoken Heroes and a Call to Action

With the music in the air and vibe on the streets, there’s no doubt that it’s Carnival time.

And if you’ve ever experienced the magnitude of what Carnival in Brazil is, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Though, underneath this celebration of the flesh (hence the name) there is an untold story you won’t read about in the media.

You see, the real hero’s of Carnival aren’t the Axé singers from Bahia, the “Rainha da Bateria”, Samba Schools or like.

It’s not in the glitz, glamor or samba costumes; rather the true hero’s of Carnival in Brazil are the unspoken little people.

And in line with that was my first Brazilian Carnival experience, it was probably much different than most people out there…

…this was an experience that altered my perception of Carnival forever.

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How to Get a Proof of Residence in Brazil

“I’m sorry, but you can’t rent a movie until you give us a proof of residence, which can be a water, electricity bill or the like…”

This is the response I got when trying to apply for a membership at a local video rental store.

And so I proceeded to prod a little more…

Me: “How am I going to give you a water bill when it’s included into my rent, can’t you just accept my credit card and keep it on file?”

Attendant: “No”

Me: “What if I prove that I have plenty of free room on the card? This is how they do it in other countries…”

Attendant: “No, sorry”


And so I walked out a movie-less depressed man, but I wasn’t going to give up!

Thanks to my HideMyAss! backup plan, my night was kind of saved…

This wasn’t the first time I was asked for a proof of residence and wouldn’t be the last.

In fact, a proof of residence is necessary to get a lot of things done such as:

  • Renting videos
  • Getting a post-pay phone plan
  • Getting Internet
  • Getting visa stuff done
  • Most notary public tasks
  • Buying a car
  • Health insurance
  • Getting a job
  • And tons of other things…

You need a proof of residence for day to day life in Brazil.

The problem was that I couldn’t get a traditional proof of residence without having one first to get one… (yep, confusing)

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