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How to Get a Proof of Residence in Brazil

How to Get a Proof of Residence in Brazil

“I’m sorry, but you can’t rent a movie until you give us a proof of residence, which can be a water, electricity bill or the like…”

This is the response I got when trying to apply for a membership at a local video rental store.

And so I proceeded to prod a little more…

Me: “How am I going to give you a water bill when it’s included into my rent, can’t you just accept my credit card and keep it on file?”

Attendant: “No”

Me: “What if I prove that I have plenty of free room on the card? This is how they do it in other countries…”

Attendant: “No, sorry”


And so I walked out a movie-less depressed man, but I wasn’t going to give up!

Thanks to my HideMyAss! backup plan, my night was kind of saved…

This wasn’t the first time I was asked for a proof of residence and wouldn’t be the last.

In fact, a proof of residence is necessary to get a lot of things done such as:

  • Renting videos
  • Getting a post-pay phone plan
  • Getting Internet
  • Getting visa stuff done
  • Most notary public tasks
  • Buying a car
  • Health insurance
  • Getting a job
  • And tons of other things…

You need a proof of residence for day to day life in Brazil.

The problem was that I couldn’t get a traditional proof of residence without having one first to get one… (yep, confusing)

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