LIB 005: The Cost of Living in Brazil, what You Really Pay

The cost of living in Brazil What should I really budget on spending per month in Brazil?

This is one of the biggest questions that people asked me and it’s pretty obvious why: it is important to have a realistic expectation of how much you will need to live off of per month in Brazil.

And after seeing the success of my post on the cost of living in Brazil, I’ve decided to go even deeper into and talk more detailed about how much things cost and why.

Not only that, in this podcast you will also be presented with things that you normally wouldn’t budget for that may not be necessary to pay for back home.

So sit back, listen and enjoy this episode.

In this Session You Will Discover

  1. The difference between living in small, medium and mega cities.
  2. What your budget should look like as a single person.
  3. Why you should consider bringing as much clothing from back home as possible.
  4. What your budget should look like as a couple.
  5. The difference between housing types in Brazil.
  6. What your budget should look like as a family.
  7. Why you will want to put your kids in a private school.
  8. Why you will want a health insurance policy.
  9. And more.

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