3 Success Secrets Wealthy Brazilians Share (That You Need to Know)

sucess There are 3 success secrets shared within Brazilian inner circles that will grant you inhibited influence and success.  They will get you a job, start you a career or grant you the connections you need to fulfill your dreams.

I would like to share these same 3 secrets that functioned to catapult me into the most influential circles with you today!

Before getting started, let me tell you how they recently helped me get into a tight-knit group of successful Brazilian entrepreneurs…

A 3-day Event That Changed Everything

A little over a week ago, I participated in an event called “”.  Maybe you saw the video I posted live from the event on Facebook?

Well, the focus of the event is a bit irrelevant for the purpose of this post, but it was all about affiliate marketing in Brazil (first of its kind) and its development.

Showing up at the event, I literally knew nobody!  But could easily pick out who the influencers and “big dogs” were just by looking around.

They usually present themselves well with authority and have a flock around them who are eager to bask in their Brazilian glory.  A glory-hog is not my motto but I clearly understand some of the Brazilian unspoken physics involved in creating a successful presence.

Big Dogs Open Big Doors

Getting in tight with these “big dogs” is what will get you ahead and open the right doors for you.

So this is why it was important to warm up to them in the right kind of way so that they can point me in the right direction.

The results are clearly measurable as I have been welcomed into the inner-circle of the inner-circles with regards to digital marketing in Brazil – literally, there are only 25 of the most successful Internet marketers in Brazil there!


Romero Sousa and I – one of the biggest name marketers in Brazil today!

And I would like to share with you exactly how you can accomplish the same: a normal guy utilizing 3 secrets that all wealthy Brazilians share to bring him further then imaginable!

Secret 1: Enter with Authority – Appearance IS Everything

Do you believe in yourself?

My hope is that you do, that you are happy with who you are and believe that you can and will reach great heights while here on earth.

Self-certainty and assurity are 2 keys to being able to act out with authority.  You see, the Brazilian culture has an interesting twist to it: the gap in authority between the haves and have-nots creating a vacuum between the two classes.

2 Classes and Two Very different Mindsets

Nothing against people live a more simple lifestyle and don’t have a lot of material gain, these have proven to be the face of the Brazilian acceptance time and time again.  Though, due to “elitism” in Brazil, there has been a whole subconscience culture created within the “have nots” that has kept many of them back from achieving greatness.

Ever heard the phrase “disculpa qual quer coisa!“? (translation: sorry about anything)

This is commonly used amongst the poorer classes and basically is an apology, where no apology is necessary created out of fear for elitist authoritarianism.

You don’t see this amongst the “have” class, they assert themselves with authority, wear nice clothes and have a clean appearance.  Admittedly or not, this draws appearance in from all sides of the more elite class and begins opening the right doors.

Secret 2: Be Bold and Use Your Network

In Brazil, it’s all about who you know and not necessarily what you know!

This is probably regra nr. 1 we as foreigners break when trying to get ahead in Brazil.  It’s important that we take the authority we have, whether it’s airplane mechanics, hospitality or whatever and present it to the right people to expect the right results.

For example, during this 3-day event in São Paulo, I went scouting for people who knew how to do Copywriting.  And for those who don’t know what Copywriting is, it’s a style of of text writing for marketing purposes.

So I went up to the microphone at the event after one of the presenters and asked “Onde acho um copywriter?” (Where can I find a Copywriter?).  This led to a huge debate on the open mic about Brazil having limited copywriters (unlike the USA and abroad) and them being almost impossible to find.

After the open mic was closed, I literally had no less then 10 people all coming up to me to see if they could help – but it was one guy who knew a guy, that made the difference.

I know a Guy But am Not Supposed to Tell…

So this guy approaches me and says “hey, in the company I work at, there is a guy who does our copywriting for us, but I’m not supposed to tell you about it… But I’ll tell you what, if you send me an e-mail then I’ll see what I can do!”.

And just to re-state: copywriters are important for internet marketing and impossible to find in Brazil!

Due to boldly approaching the microphone and using the relevant network around me, people came flocking.  And this is where it becomes about you: when fishing for trout, do you fish in empty areas of a lake?

I hope not!

You put your line in the spot of the lake where you know that most of them will be swimming around and probably at a time of the day when they are hungry and biting.

The same goes for your networking, put your line in within the most relevant areas, business, events, people or whatever to get the right kind of leads.

Secret 3: Push Forward with Determination and Don’t be Afraid

Do you press on in hope in the face of uncertainty?

Because I tell you what, the minute you begin hoping and believing that you will reach your goals a forward almost unstoppable momentum begins.

This is what the majority of successful Brazilians (and gringos) do, once they have put the right contacts and pieces of their network into place, they utilize it to move forward.

It is your catalyst for success and will grant you the open door and opportunity you need to move you in the right direction – use it.

This is what has put me into countless of the right places and opened doors for me in Brazil and it will do the same for you!

A Call to Action

Are you ready to take a step forward and reach out towards success in Brazil?

Then here is what I want you to do:

  1. Set and dedicate to reaching your goal.
  2. Come into the inside: sign up for my free video series and newsletters.

Most importantly, this site is dedicated to your success and happiness in Brazil – to be a launching pad for this community of foreigners seeking the same thing in Brazil.

Please write a comment and let me know how you can use these 3 success secrets in your life and maybe we know someone, who knows someone 😉

Valeu – cheers!


P.S. would love your thumbs up 🙂

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  • Sorry Kev, I wanted to like this page and post a comment but I don’t want it to come up on my feed. So I will post here.

    You are so right about the lack of next level skills and the lack of risk takers in Brazil but I’ll extend that to Latin America as a whole. Everybody who wasn’t born rich, wants a government job because it has status, it pays well (by local standards) and is steady enough to build your entire life around. I am not here to poo-poo that, but that leads to less self employment opportunities.

    Recently my contact in Brazil was unhappy with her now former employer and wanted to find a new job. I told her with her command of English (and Spanish) she should open up a English school in Rio or Sao Paulo and she balked at the idea, saying she wasn’t cut out to run a business and didn’t know how. But it gets better (or worse), she found a new job as the company had been looking to fill that position for months and they ran across her resume/cv she had left at a temp service. They immediately called her for an interview in which after it was completed and saw how well she spoke English was offered the job on the spot, which she took.

    Now when you’re in a position of demand, you use it try to increase your wages or your benefits package and she didn’t do that. This concept is simply lacking and while it can be seen as a negative overall in our own society (in America) that attitude will further push Brazil ahead of its counterparts, but its missing…

    The time is NOW for any American or European to take advantage of this economy as it continues to grow because you offer knowledge of an advanced economy that largely doesn’t exist in Brazil at the moment.

    • Hmm..not sure what was going on with the button issue!

      I can only agree with you Anthony! This is exactly my sentiment as well and when going to different events, the bold foreign approach is smiled upon and praised by Brazilians.

      They welcome us foreigners with open arms to jump at many opportunities to be had and don’t have that “they are coming to take our jobs” mentality like in the more developed economies.

      As for your friend, maybe there is a future joint venture in the works?

  • This article makes me sad, I think that’s because I’m brazilian. You stated the core of all the wrong things in Brazilian society, its like you’re teaching how to ‘become a rich douchebag, know some thief politicans/business man and make a step to robb the poor classes in Brazil’. This is the stereotype of ‘succesful’ people here, very different when compared to countries from north of course.

    ‘This is commonly used amongst the poorer classes and basically is an apology, where no apology is necessary created out of fear for elitist authoritarianism.’

    Le’ts just say that 97% of the influential people you said know someone from the government and have favors. What I see mostly at the brazilian people behavior is not only this fear of these people, they show it a lot, but there’s a bigger inner feeling of impotence, the poor people know that their bad situation will never end because these people exists and this leads to this phrase ‘All politicians are thiefs’ I’ve grown up hearing this, I’ve heard it so much that I even caught myself thinking this way sometimes. And as a result the ‘jeitinho brasileiro’ in poor classes is expressed by the services they offers to each other, to overcome their bad situation. For me, these things are not something to be proud of, maybe you know people that are like me and strictly prefer the ‘right’ way of doing things, but it seems that once years pass people are so absorbed in this ‘wrong way’ that for them it becomes normal and ‘ cultural’ and so they stop to hate those people because they see that the rich people owns the country, They start to take advantage of people the same way the others do, trying to be ‘as suscceful as them’, just humans being humans. It makes me sad, really sad,

    • How on earth am I teaching that? I’m an honest person all about being honest. I’ve never asked for any favors and am not encouraging others to do so either – honesty is the best policy.

  • Hey buddy, if you still need a copywriter, let me know… I use to work with advertising, and did alot of text from TV commercial, to Internet Marketing. Cheers!
    My email is

    P.S.: I live in Floripa, just found out about your blog while researching places in Costa da Lagoa (God knows why, lol)…

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