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  • Hi Kevin
    I m Gyani and I m from india.
    I m in relation with my Brazilian girl
    Who stay in Rio. Last year I applied for tourist visa. So I Can go and get married. I provided all required documents and apart from this my girls invitation , her residence, bank statements . My documents were pretty strong. However they rejected my visa. I have been in relation more than 4 years . I m out of my mind and sick . I m thinking to go Bolivia
    For Indian citizens have on arrival visa and from there thinking to cross the border legally but I have no idea how far this is possible. It’s an humble request to you.
    What if I go border and ask visa for 2 weeks ! Are they gonna give me ? Or else is there any way to get into Brazil.
    Please help me out .
    I m looking forward for your response
    This is my mail id

    Thanking you in advance

    • Have you considered flying your Brazilian girlfriend to your home country and you can get married there? Then you can apply for your Brazil marriage visa from your home country and once approved, you can go to Brazil.

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