A Tour of Cities and Housing in Florianópolis, Brazil

Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis This is a continuation of 3 Reasons to Live in Florianópolis, Brazil from Monday.

Anyone who knows me understands that I love living on the “Ilha da Mágia” (The Magical Island).  So much in fact that my daughter is able to call herself a native “Manézinha da Ilha” – a title reserved for people born on the island paradise.

When looking at Florianopolis, the first thing we notice is that it’s big, about 45km from north to south (roughly 30 miles) and has a lot of diversity!

You have the über rich city called “Jurerê Internacional” to the vibrant “Lagoa da Conceição” and everything between.

So what are the different areas of the island like and what would you find infrastructure and housing wise?

This is exactly what you will be getting today – but first an overview of the island:

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The Cost of Living in Brazil – The Real Price

One of the absolute first questions a foreigner considering moving to Brazil asks is “what is the cost of living in Brazil?”.

And nothing is more irritating then finding a website with a simple graph only showing you how much bread and rice costs compared to back home – how is that useful?

Today I am going to do my absolute best to answer your question and give you a realistic idea of what you will need to earn to have an ok lifestyle in Brazil.

UPDATE: I have launched a new video series that addresses this in more detail, !

But before I continue, let’s set a huge misconception straight….

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