LIB 008: 3 Must Know Core Elements of the Brazilian Society

Core elements of the Brazilian Society There are 3 core elements within the Brazilian society that are so intertwined with it, that they are the backbone of all that happens: jeitinho, friendships and service.

And as a foreigner, one of the most important things you can do for your success is to understand these elements, how they function and how you can use them to your benefit and the benefit of others.

What you may not know, is that these three “cultural” aspects are very foreign to our way of life yet an important part of daily Brazilian life – the catalyst for many cultural misunderstandings.

So why is Brazilian “jeitinho”, friendships and services the core elements? let me show you in today’s podcast.

In this Session You Will Discover

  1. A story of a corrupt politician and a boat…
  2. How “jeitinho” fought “jeitinho” and won!
  3. Why Friendships are central to your survival and progress in Brazil.
  4. How willingly risked my life everytime I took a shower.
  5. Why a shampoo bottle is never full in Brazil.
  6. Why service and hospitality are a cultural expectation.
  7. How you can serve Brazilians and stimulate service.

Items Mentioned in This Episode


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  • Paul Salafia

    Great stuff, Kevin! I’m VERY en-heartened by what you’ve said in your pod cast. I’ve “operated” this way for many years, not only in the States, but here, in the UK too! I am SO psyched to be coming to Brazil in December!

    • Kevin Porter

      Ótimo Paul! Glad to hear that it’s helpful and welcome!

  • Fritz-gérald Larco

    Very insightful Kevin, thank you for sharing!

  • djfourmoney

    Truth be told, this is all over Latin America. Corrupt Politicians are all over Latin America as well. Make friends yes for social reasons, less so for other reasons. Rules about loaning money. (1) Never more than you can afford to lose (2) a trick I heard on another podcast from a expat in El Salvador – He’s lent out money before and never got paid back, so the last guy to ask him for a loan, he told him. Here’s a list of people that owe me money and their numbers. If you can get the money they owe me out of these people you can keep it. He never heard from the guy again about a loan…

    • Kevin Porter

      Haha love the advice about collecting on debts for others to borrow :)

      The whole lending thing can always be tricky…