CONFESSION: Why I’ve Been in Hiding and How This “DIAMOND” Discovery Will Transform Your Life

Behind doorsAbout a year ago, I decided to make a drastic decision that would alter the course of my life forever…

…and as it appears, yours too.

It was the end of 2013 and I was diligently spending 30-40 hours per week creating content and helping people on this site… and what happened next changed everything…

I decided to take a leap of faith and participate in a marketing conference in São Paulo, I had no idea that it would launch me into an amazing and life-changing opportunity!

Then Stopped…

In order to fulfill the needs of this new opportunity, I had to put the brakes on LIB, the e-mails, the blogs, the content, the community…

…this broke my heart as my blood, sweat and tears had gone into it and the thousands of e-mails I received during this time was proof of this.

Though the opportunity to help millions (seriously) called!

Transforming Brazil

Since I moved to Brazil, I noticed a burning need for Brazilians to learn English, this is a country, where you see an English school on every corner yet very seldom a fluent person…

So, I took a leap of faith and created free content and fluency courses to help Brazilians to speak English… the result?

I now have a team of 17 hard-working people who live and breathe to transform the life of Brazilians everywhere!

Some of my employees posing for a group pic at the office (and my kids).

Some of my employees posing for a group pic at the office (and my kids).

A Diamond Discovery

During the journey into entreprenuership in Brazil looking for a place to live and have my company, I stumbled across something amazing…

Something that answers the age old “what city should I live in, in Brazil?”.

Picture this: a paradisical culture and climate in the middle of Denmark!!


Is this Denmark or Brazil?

I the opportunity to live and work in Denmark for years and the thing that always struck me was how amazing the architecture and urban planning is, check this out:

Danish layout city

What you notice is how well planned, clean and well organized it is, except one thing:

The picture above is not from Denmark, it is actually Pedra Branca in south Brazil!

Let me show you another picture:


Pedra Branca: Brazil’s hidden Diamond


There is so much going for this city, most of all: friendly, open, safe, high quality of life, has AMAZING housing for rock-bottom prices, tons of street life, close to beaches, close to Florianópolis (20 minutes) and much more…

There is so much going for this hidden-diamond that I will need to dedicate a post just about it…

…and this is for the first time ever.

So, you will hear from me again soon…

Talk soon – tchau!

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  • Welcome back! You’ve been sorely missed. Also, congrats on your new venture. I’ll be making my move to Brazil in a couple of months and am really looking forward to it (and feel much more prepared, based on all of your helpful tips, etc.).

  • Looks like a vibrant downtown area, I can’t wait for the full disclosure report especially about real estate.

    On a FB group I am in some people are starting to gloat about the increases in real estate prices in places like Rio. This is only a benefit to them because they are property owners.

    Well I am not a property owner so I would like to be able to make the transition possible on the income I earn currently and not have to double/triple it overnight just to be able to afford to move to Brazil which defeats the point and also serves as fodder to others than complain Brazil is not a good place for expats, mainly for safety concerns but much of it over the cost of living compared to Central America especially.

  • Hi Kevin,

    This Looks amazing !!!

    I cannot wait for more details

    Can you share with me the cost of the houses and Living there ?

    Can you help to obtain the residency there ?

    Best regards,


  • Information can be found on several of the sites that Kevin has already recommended for housing. For instance, . From what I can see a 3 bedroom apt that is about 159m in the Pedra Branca area of Palhoça would run you about 1800.00 USD per sq meter. This is less than a few parts of nearby Florianopolis like the highly desirable Agronomica part of centro Floripa, but still equal or more expensive than other really great parts of Florianopolis like Campeche or Lagoa, or even Jurere. And those places are walking distance to amazing beaches (excluding Lagoa which is on a lake).

    I will be interested to hear what Kevin has to say about Pedra Branca and why he is promoting this “diamond” so heavily. When I visited it over a month ago it was a neighborhood literally consisting of 1 street that was the length of 2 city blocks along with a small park with a nice duck pond and a spattering of some very nice looking homes beyond that. I saw zero nightlife and the business’s that were on this small street were franchise locations of business’s that are already in Florianopolis. And the neighborhood is in the city of Palhoça, which as far as I can tell has not a whole lot going on.

    I apologize for seeming to poo poo this neigborhood before Kevin has actually put out his article. Perhaps he has some insight on the future development plans of this area and why its a good investment. This last post of his after such a long time seems to have a different feel to it though. Before the posts felt organic, like a labor of love. I can’t help but feel after reading this last “cliffhanger” of a post that I am about to be sold something. I want to say that I used this site so much when I was moving to Brazil, it has been more helpful to me than almost any other single resource and I can not thank Kevin enough for it and I would call it required reading for anyone considering the move. I mean that, I really do. I just hope that it stays the way that it started and does not turn in to something else.

    • Not to get too conspiratorial on here, but do a little research on Pedra Branca and you find out the neighbourhood’s creation seemed to be the result of a Clinton Foundation climate change project. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is rather curious in itself, and to be quite honest warrants further investigation.

    • i agree with every word you said !
      did you read/know the book “launch” by jeff walker ?
      i believe its the key to answer your question 😉

  • It would really help if there were a map or the state was listed. I’m having trouble finding this exact location.

  • Oh my GOd–Kevin thanks so much for this. If it costs you less and gives you satisfaction, I pray the Lord for you. I’m getting a lot from this. This is of my people that were brought there as slaves. They seem doing soso, but I hope is not like America where Black people are still being treated like refugees. I’m not running because what I do here is like what you’re ding for the Bazilians. It is different in a way. I keep Black youth away from killing each other, encourage them to stay in school, trying to convince them that’s the only way to succeed, contribute something to their world-our world. Trying to let them know that they belong here in America since 1619. I must convince Black people they’re not JJC–Johnnie Just Come. My heart is there in Brazil. May one day, I would see you soon.. Thanks for sharing the information. Very helpful indeed.
    Stay well.

  • Check out Blumenau, it’s like a little version of Germany. I don’t know what the rental rates are, I was only visiting from Balneario Comboriu.

  • I would love to visit Brazil! Our Company as just opened in Brazil! So excited to see more of the friendliest people in the world join our company!

  • If you don’t have children, Brazil can be one of the best places around. Learn Br-Pt fluently and you will always have opportunities, even, I suspect, during this difficult economic period. Your English-language skills and business culture will always set you apart. The major difficulty is dealing with the daily small, seemingly insignificant differences between Brazilian culture/infrastructure and “our” northern culture/infrastructure. “We” have numerous efficiencies we take completely for granted, such as banking & corporation management, which there can be singular nightmares. Your attitude must remain extremely flexible. So if you can stay patient, focused on the long-term, and without the heavy responsibility of children depending on Brazilian local security, education, or public health, you can live a golden life in Brazil.

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