Defining Your Goals and Committing to Achieving Them

bullseye I’ve been working round the clock day and night to create a course to help 25 people get fluent with me.

It’s been really a laborous process but well worth it for sure as it will help these 25 to get fluent, and during the creating of this course (which will be awesome btw!), I made a video to address goals and commitment.


Because committing ourselves to achieving something is one of the single most important things that we can do to achieve success.

Yeah this video is part of the Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint Course but I felt like revealing it and sharing it with you today because it’s relevant for other areas of our lives too.

Defining Your Goals

Why do you want to define your goals? Because they will give you a clear picture of what you are seeking to achieve.

If you say: “I want to live in Brazil by March of next year”, it will give you a super clear and measurable goal.

You can then write it into your calendar and begin counting down to the days until reaching it.

This is what I did when wanting to move to Brazil, I wrote down the date as being middle April then did everything I could to take the right steps to meet that goal.

Totally missed the goal…

The goal was totally missed (not my fault) and ended up arriving a couple of months later, but the idea was that it was set into stone to be achieved.

Committing to Achieve them

The next part of the process is to commit yourself to achieving your goals.

This means that not only do you logically make the plans to reach them, but you commit to them with both your mind and your heart.

I call this the mind-heart connection, where both organs work in complete and total synergy to make it to where you are wanting to head.

How is this done?

Glad you asked, this is accomplished by focusing on the result and imagining yourself playing a part of it.

I guess another way of saying it, would be to pretend that you are already where you want to be and allow the rest of your life to begin shifting to fall into place so that everything lines up accordingly.

Better yet, here is the video I created for the Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint Course explaining more about it:

(Watch on YouTube)

What did you think?

I know that it was specifically in regards to learning Portuguese fluently but there is some important information to take away there if you ask me.

And that is basically to focus on the destination and not the journey – entende?

Keep your eyes fixed on the goal of moving to Brazil, speaking Portuguese fluently or whatever other result you may have, and all the rest will fall into place and be history in the making.

A Million Things Become 0

This is when the overwhelming amount of tasks and activities involved in getting you there fall to the side and make way for your journey.

It’s like as soon as you dedicate your mind and heart to the goal, that your body and life goes on “auto adapt mode” and brings you there.

Yeah there will be difficulties, yeah there will be challenges but the goal will be within reach the whole way through.

A Personal Challenge for You

I would like to extend a personal challenge to you, if you feel like you are in a bit of a rut and needing to move forward (but maybe don’t know how) try applying what you see above.

My promise is that it will work for you just like it has worked for me and countless others as well.

All the best wishes to you and your journey and looking forward to joining you along the ride in any way I can!

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UPDATE: A couple of spots have openned up for the course, first come first serve and you .



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  • Gentrie Shafer

    Is there any chance to still join the group of 25 to learn Brazil?? If not, when will the next session begin?

    • Kevin Porter

      Hey Gentrie! Just had a couple of last minute cancellations, so yes (though first come first serve :) )

      • Gentrie Shafer

        That’ great News! Can You Send Me Details In The Program? ThankYou!