LIB 010: Why You Should Move to São Paulo with Maggie Foxhole

Living in São Paulo São Paulo is not only Brazil’s largest city but one of the biggest cities on this planet.

Usually people fall into two categories when considering São Paulo to live: they love or they hate it.

I’ve usually fit into category 2 in the past, but after talking to author and blogger Maggie Foxhole, she made me realize that São Paulo is not such a bad place after all!

So check out this podcast as Maggies tells us why you should consider moving to São Paulo.

In This Session You Will Discover

  1. How Maggie took on a 200+ day challenge to become Brazilian.
  2. What daily life in São Paulo is like.
  3. Why you should consider moving to São Paulo.
  4. Maggie’s suggestions for you to move to São Paulo.
  5. What you need to know if you have children.
  6. What jobs and financial abilities there are.
  7. Why you should consider importing a foreign idea as a business.
  8. What an “Exbrat” is and how not to fall into that frame of mind.
  9. How expectations directly affect your success in Brazil.

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