LIB 004: Getting a Investment Visa in Brazil with Sam Flowers of

Investor visa For those with around $75,000 (R$150,000) to invest into the Brazilian economy, you can secure yourself permanent residence status while opening or building a business.

The Brazilian government allows you to get an Investor Visa just by investing into the economy.  This is a popular visa amongst career professionals but there are some important aspect of getting this visa that they won’t tell you about…

Here is where Sam Flowers comes into the picture, owner and operator of the Brazilian diner “Gringo Café”, he has gone through this process, employed several Brazilians and currently lives a picturesque Gringo life at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

You will want to take heed to his words as Sam tells his amazing story of how he got to Brazil, made it through the Investment Visa process and opened his business.

In this Session You Will Discover

  1. What current investment opportunities there are.
  2. What the Gringo Cafe is.
  3. An introduction to the Investment Visa program.
  4. Why you need and how to find a partner to act on your half.
  5. The 4 steps to getting the visa (open business, open bank account, wire money, apply for visa).
  6. How much it will cost you to employ 10 employees.
  7. What the real life ROI on this visa.
  8. What does it give you?
  9. What are the requirements to get one?
  10. Can you give us a breakdown of the process?
  11. How about renewal after the “prazo” is up?

Items Mentioned in This Episode

  • Sam’s USA telephone #323-908-1684
  • Sam’s Brazilian telephone: +55 21 8194-0631
  • Sam’s e-mail address: sam(at)


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  • Hi , Thanks for making life so mucg easier for foreigners. I would also like to share another legitimate opportunity of investing in the food industry. If anyone is interested in getting visas based on investment, they can also contact: / /0055 (48) 91313628 . They also help foreigners settle in Brazil with turn key solutions for birth, investment, business opportunities, general help ,etc. Especially people from Asia and the middle east.

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