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Part 6: Before and During Birth – Getting Ready and What to Expect

Part 6: Before and During Birth – Getting Ready and What to Expect

So you’ve settled down in a certain area, chosen a doctor and hospital and are well aware of the financial and insurance obligations with having a baby in Brazil.

What’s to expect next?

Today, I am going to give you a great idea of how the pre-natal and delivery happens so that you can have a secure feeling of what to expect.

I will never forget my surprise when first being introduced to the Brazilian way of having a baby.

Though people were super happy, helpful and surprised whenever they saw that my wife was pregnant, it just seemed that it was looked at more as a condition that could only be treated by a doctor.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that the right doctor will be competent and helpful, it was just a shock to see people’s views towards the pregnancy (both good and bad).

Back where my wife comes from (Denmark), pregnant women are treated much differently both in and out of a hospital.

For the first part, you get taken care of by midwifes the whole way through and rarely see the doctor – if at all.

And secondly, the midwives are focused on keeping things as natural as possible.  Whereas in Brazil, it’s views as needing to be done clinically.

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