3 Lies Keeping You From Speaking Portuguese – and How To Defeat Them!

As much as we want this world to be perfect and peaceful, it isn’t.

The cold hard truth is that it is full of small people who tell big lies.

Big lies that end up spreading like fungus, infecting and infiltrating many do-good, well deserving people – and you may be one of these victims, I was….

I remember believing three things about speaking Portuguese, that it would be way too difficult of a thing to do, that I could never afford it and that I didn’t have the time.

LIES – all of them!

It wasn’t until I made a huge discovery, that some amazing events happened, leading me to speak Portuguese super easy and in under 6 months!

And it all started with a little American child who spoke fluent Portuguese…

Let me tell you the story personally!

(See on YouTube)

To summarize:

  • He spoke fast and I didn’t.
  • He did it for free and I couldn’t “afford” to speak it.
  • He had plenty of time and I had no time.

With the story of little Jeffy in mind, let’s beat these lies down to a pulp!

Lie #1: That it’s Too Difficult to Speak

Little Jeffy was much quicker at absorbing a language due to his age, but the thought of it being “difficult” to speak did not enter into his head.

Speaking was a natural part of his development and understood as being fun and positive – it just came naturally!

This is one of the strongest lies that need to be erased from the face of the earth: if you change your focus and begin looking at “speaking” as being more like “playing”, it will just come naturally.

And yeah, I know that it is much easier for a child, but sometimes we just need to change our minds, surrender what we think, and regroup.

Lie #2: Not Enough time

You’re busy, I know and so are most all of us.

We as adults develop routines, rituals, traditions and what have-it’s that make it difficult for us to “open up” our schedules for anything else.

I’m not saying that you have to drop everything you are doing and clear out your day to speak Portuguese.

What I am saying, is to do like little Jeffy and learn to adapt to situations – change and go with the flow.

This means that you can keep doing what you are doing, but just change your approach on how you do it. And figure out how that thing you do, can be done so that you are speaking Portuguese at the same time.

When Jeffy played soccer/football with his friends, it was in Portuguese.

When he swam with his friends, it was in Portuguese.

It’s the little things that count friend – don’t bite into the lie that you are too busy!

Think about it.

Lie #3: That It’s Too Expensive

Did little Jeffy pay anything to learn Portuguese? Nope.

He did have some schooling to help him make sense of the grammar stuff and to learn to write and read, but he really learned to speak by just “being”.

By “being” I mean that he found and adapted to his natural element, and everything came naturally as a result of this.

Granted, I 100% recommend that you get yourself a good and cheap Portuguese course to keep you grounded and to help you build a foundation in the language.

I just think that you need to come a bit out and be more like Jeffy, school time is school time, and playtime is playtime! And don’t pay to play.

Would Jeffy speak fluent Portuguese by spending a 2-3 hours a week doing Portuguese courses? This should be a no-brainer, but not really!

This is one of the lies that I think get’s most people: the thought that they need to invest in super expensive and elaborate Portuguese courses with tons of private lessons – if you choose that, more power to you, but it’s not necessary.

I personally spent about $150 dollars total on my entire Portuguese education, which consisted of:
1. A good but cheap Portuguese Course
2. A Portuguese Grammar book

Note: the above links are affiliate links, and I wanted to point that out because I don’t want you to feel like I’m implying that you have to spend money to succeed, these are just the simple and cheap products I recommend/have used.

And that’s all I spent money on, which serves to show you that how much money you spend doesn’t necessarily equal better results….

I attained the best results by enjoying myself and enjoying life.

How I Enjoyed Myself Learning to Speak Portuguese

It’s quite simple actually: I got fed up with these lies, challenged them and decided to be different!

I was frustrated with not knowing very much Portuguese, tired of failing, upset with Portuguese courses and plain sick of not succeeding….

Little Jeffy who was learning from the world taught me more than I thought possible; he showed me how to obliterate these 3 lies, love life and be myself.

And it was through these things that my breakthrough happened and I spoke lightning fast – would you like a breakthrough?

Here Is How It Will Help You

Granted, I did go through a lot of trial and error when I began “speaking” Portuguese.

But defeating these 3 big lies was part of the reason, which catapulted me into huge language breakthroughs I never thought possible.

Breakthroughs so big that I learned to speak great Portuguese in under 6 month’s time!

I would like to lay these many breakthroughs out and teach you how to benefit from them one by one.

Here Is What You Should Do Next

Go over and check out the first part of my blog series on “How To Speak Portuguese In Under 6 Months

Final Words

How has speaking Portuguese been for you? Please write a comment below and let us hear it.

As always, if you found this post helpful, please share it so other’s can benefit from it as well 🙂

Valeu – cheers!

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  • Man Kevin… you sure hit the nail on the head here.

    I never looked at learning Portuguese as being more like playing, that’s a cool way to look at it.

    Thanks to you, I’ve just changed perspectives and I can’t wait until your webinar on saturday!!


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