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5 Easy Steps to Get a Cell Phone Number in Brazil

5 Easy Steps to Get a Cell Phone Number in Brazil

Calling, mobile phone, brazil Misconception: you have to be a resident, have a CPF number and bank account to get a mobile number in Brazil.

Truth: FALSE, anyone can get a cellular number in Brazil – even a tourist!

Today I will lay out 5 easy steps so you can get a prepaid number in no time.

The first reaction you will have when being introduced to prepaid cellular phones in Brazil is “wow, are they really that expensive!?” to which my answer is “yes, they are”.

Calling on your cell phone is generally a very expensive affair costing a bit over $R1.50 per minute (about 75 US cents) for a prepaid phone, but can go all the way down to $R .25 (about 12 US cents) per minute if you and the person you are calling are on the same network.

But the truth is that you need a way to communicate and be communicated while on the go in Brazil, therefore it’s important that you choose a cell phone operator that suites you.

Let me show you how in these next 5 easy steps!

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