Top Blogs to Master Machine Learning

Top Blogs to Master Machine Learning

Machine learning is the process of giving the computer system a learning capacity to enhance the performance of a predetermined task. This process gets done using data but without explicit programming. And often there is no time for any other tasks and you need help like write my paper for me.

It is also a process closely linked with computational statistics of prediction making. The ultimate goal is to increase productivity. To know about machine learning, consider these top 20 blogs as listed below;

1. Machine Learning on Reddit

The Reddit blog is a community with articles and productive discussions on machine learning. You can get a new update every week. Follow this link to get what you need

2. Google News

If you want a comprehensive site, latest developments, and the latest news in the world of machine learning, Google News should be your go-to place. You can expect to get many fresh posts every week. Visit to find what you need.

3. Machine Learning Mastery

This blog is an Australian-based site operated by a man named Jason Brownlee. He began the blog as a result of his love for helping developers. He posts articles every week as a guide to machine learning.

4. Machine learning weekly

The blog offers at least two posts each month on machine learning in the form of a hand-curated newsletter through @datarade and @ alirezasmr.

5. Google Blog

Google blog releases two posts weekly on machine learning accessible at

6. MIT News – Machine Learning

The MIT blog post updates students, faculty, staff, and the MIT community in general about achievement in Machine learning. Get access to the blog with

7. Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog

Cortana Intelligence blog provides updates from the community and the team in general. Check out their site using

8. Stats and Bots – Medium

This blog offers codes, applications, and practical steps on machine learning. The blog posts are useful to experts as well as beginners. The blog is available at


The site offers excellent resources for data science and machine learning. Check out the site using the link

10. FastML

You have everything that has to do with machine learning and data science in general. It offers interesting machine learning subjects, and they are easy to read. It, however, has only one post per month. Besides these ten blogs and sites, other websites offer excellent information on machine learning. Some of which include the following;

11. Machine learning (Theory)

By John Langford, available on


Available on

13. DatumBox

Check for information statistics on machine learning

14. Machine Learning Blog

Visit for the monthly post

15. Ayasdi

Lessons on Artificial Intelligence is available on

16. Diving into data

Follow the link for information on data mining, visualization, and machine learning

17. The Spectator

Information about statistical machine learning, deep learning, variation interference, AI, etc. is available on

18. Mierobot

Check out the Indian-based Mierobot site on

19. Calculated Content

Get shared thoughts on AI and machine learning at

20. Machine learning by Paul Mineiro

The blog is available on


Machine learning can be a complicated subject. However, the above-listed blogs and sites by will serve as your needed guide. These blogs and websites offer all that you need to kick-start and complete your quest into the world of machine learning.

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