Are you a Bearded Dragon? + a life Changing Question

Live in Brazil, Bearded Dragon Do you feel out of place, like you don’t fit in?  Like you have been taken and put into a fake environment where you feel trapped and out of place?

What if there was one question so powerful that if you asked it, your life would be changed forever? Well, there is…

These last few days our neighbors were out of town and we had the luxury of baby-sitting their .  I guess that it was more exciting for the kids than anything, I just thought that it was dim, stinky and in the way.

The Caged Routine

Here was this very “unintelligent” (trying to be nice) creature who would wake up when we turned on the artificial sun-bulb in the morning, climb up and sit on his little log in order try to get his face as close as possible to the sun-bulb for a little heat.

He would then spend the day laying on his log, trying to figure out why he couldn’t run through the glass side of the cage (for hours on end), eating, pooping and … that’s pretty much it until we turned off his sun-bulb at the end of the evening.

Here is a little video to give you an idea of what one looks like in real life

The light bulb turns on.

As I was staring at this shear…um…lack of intelligence, a light bulb turned on!  And just to be clear, not his.

This little lizard was taken out of his natural habitat in order to be trapped in this tiny cage under artificial sunlight all day long (did anyone say tanning salon?), I know that he would much rather be in the free open desert chasing after bugs and other bearded dragon women – yes, bearded women.

I thought about how much this little dragon was a metaphor for many of our lives.  I remember the feeling of having a “being trapped in a cage” like life and it was not fun.

Just the monotony of having to get up every day in order to live a plastic life, doing whatever I could just to survive.  Sometimes, I would even find myself trying to run away from it all, but felt completely trapped and bound.

Stuck in a Cage?

Do you feel like this little bearded dragon?  Do you want something in your life to change for the better so that you can achieve your dreams of living in the place that you were really meant to live in – a place where you will be happy and thrive?

There is nothing better than feeling actualized and happy in an environment you feel belonging in.  Where you feel that everything you do every day is what you really should be doing.  But the big questions is, how will you slip out of your cage?

How will you slip away?

I tell you what, every day I opened the little dragon’s cage for a bit in order to give him fresh water, sand and lettuce, but if he had been clever enough, he would of slipped out, run away and been free….

I relate to your situation and empathize with the feeling of being stuck somewhere without knowing exactly what to do and want to tell you that there IS a way you can slip out and be free!

This same feeling is something that I went and bore for a long time and something that I was determined to get rid of!

I mean the same goes for you, you are a human being that is capable of changing for the better; all you need to do is ask yourself one question that will change everything.

And that’s when Dan Sullivan stepped in

is a guy who has been coaching successful entrepreneurs for years, many to millions.  Over the years he has found out that the success of an individual, business related or not, comes down to one magic question that when asked, will change your life forever and allow you to reach your goals.

I asked myself this one question, and it changed my life: “if we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”

This is quoted from his book (affiliate link)

A Quick Personal Example

I usually just took things a day at a time and tried not to dwell in my situation, but when I really asked myself this question, I was able to make change happen.

Looking at my life in a retrospective kind of way made me feel and believe that it already happened, that I had already achieved it.  This changed something psychologically in me, which made me focus on the end result and pushed me constantly to strive to do my best in order to reach my goals.

What is the goal you ask?

Good question and I am happy to share it.

The goal is you.  I have gone and held so much back over the years that could benefit others, but not intentionally, I was just oblivious.  Oblivious to the power of communication that can happen via the internet.

That living in paradise, being happy and free was something achievable and possible for anybody.

I will feel happy with my progress when thousands of people have been positively impacted by any information, testimonies or real life cases that are shared.  I want people to learn from my mistakes and be motivated by any of my successes so that they can be spurred forward.

And in this case, I want to help as many people as possible know the hidden jewels that Brazil holds.

This has totally challenged and changed my perspective in life.

How can you use this Question to change your life?

Use it, reflect on it and implement it!

Pretend that I am sitting on the other side of the table asking you The Question right now, what would you say?

“I quit my job and started an online English teaching business so that I could be free to earn an income from anywhere in the world.  I decided to have a heart change so that everything that flows out of it, is a reflection of who I truly am and not the a byproduct of society”.

Does that sound realistic or do you have bigger goals?  There are no silly answers to The Question, just real ones.  So answer it.

More importantly, I would highly suggest that you pick up a copy of Dan Sullivan’s book and read all about how to implement and use the power of The Question.

This way, you can arm yourself with the power certainty and affirmation so that you can attain your goals.

(that’s an Amazon affiliate link)

And then let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

(or if you already got ahold of this book, share your experiences so far.  For example, a successful millionaire wrote this on Amazon: I highly recommend this book, not just because he writes about how I use The Dan Sullivan Question in my own business, but because this question is so simple, so profound and so effective! The book is short and easy to read and if you take it seriously and use it, it can and will change your life!”)

If you are still on the fence about spending a measly $10 (kindle version) on this book, see this little video below that shows a bit of his stuff

Cheers, valeu!


P.S. please share this if you find it valuable, thanks!

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  1. Zach Riley says:

    Man…sweet post! This hit the nail on the head and really made me need to push myself further. Ive gotta get out of this mundane life and into paradise.

    Will get ahold of the book too asap.

    Thanks for being real!

  2. Kevin says:

    Oi Zach!

    Glad to hear you liked the post and glad you feel motivated to move forward. It can be a hard journey at times so make sure that you keep your eyes on the goal!

    Cheers – valeu,

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