LIB 007: How to Speak Portuguese Like a Brazilian With Idahosa Ness

Pronounce Portuguese When we gringos learn Portuguese, there is always one thing that sticks out like soar thumb above anything else: our strong gringo accent.

It’s no secret that us from the USA have an especially difficult time with the “r” or “ão”, though there is hope! (can I get an amen?)

Thanks to people like Idahosa Ness over at, we can get to the bottom of figuring out how to pronounce correctly.

So check out this episode of the Live in Brazil podcast where we get to the bottom of learning how to have the “Brazilian Flow”.

In this Session You Will Discover

  1. The key to mastering a language.
  2. How Idahosa learned to speak Portuguese in 2 months.
  3. How getting mouth placements down gets your accent right.
  4. What to do if you can’t hear your mistakes – and the process to irradicate them.
  5. Why repitition via music will mold your mouth and make vocab stick.

Items Mentioned in This Episode

  • The where the Brazilian said that I spoke Portuguese like a “gay guy”.


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Cheers – valeu!

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