LIB 003: 5 Solid Visa Types Allowing You to Work in Brazil

5 types of visas allowing any foreigner to live and work in Brazil broken down and explained in this podcast episode. If there is one single thing that I get asked the most about, it is visas and jobs.  Do I get a visa to get a job, a job to get a visa or what allows me to make money and live in Brazil? Having gone through this myself and helped countless others, I thought it was time to tackle this question and pick 5 solid obtainable visas that you can get as a foreigner looking to live in Brazil.

In this Session You Will Discover

  • Why being married to a Brazilian is a great way to slingshot you into Brazil.
  • How the little known Stable Union visa could be your way in.
  • The Work Visa vs Business Visa confusion.
  • What types of Work Visas are out there and how to get one.
  • Why an Investor Visa is an open door to a permanent visa for anyone with R$150,000 (75,000USD)
  • The reason we chose to have a baby in Brazil: instant citizenship.

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  • K. Alice

    I’m brazilian but I’m looking 4 tips of how bringing my foreign muslim lover tnk u

    • Kevin Porter

      It depends on if you are married or in a relationship.

      If you are married then permanent visa via marriage, if you’ve been in a relationship for some time (minimum 1 year or so) then you can go for the União Estavel.

      Espero ter te ajudado!

  • Daniel Salazar

    Hello, I want to take a leap and move to Brazil next year. I’m 21 and I want to do something exciting, so I want to live there for 2 years! what can I do?

    • Kevin Porter

      Get a student visa to study Portuguese in beautiful Florianópolis!

      I’ve got a good contact with a school that has a 100% approval rate, shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested kevin(at) ;)

      • Shay Yari

        Hi Kevin, I just emailed you asking for some advice, i’ll be more than grateful if you could help me…thank you, shay

      • Chris

        Hey Kevin! Loving your blog and podcasts. Just wondering – I’d love to come as a student in Brazil too… I’d be looking to come for a year or 2 if possible. I want to learn Portuguese. Do you have contacts outside of Floripa? (Although I did love it there when I visited recently…)

  • Joseph Kaluba

    I have a diploma in English Langauge and IT creds and i want to move to Brazil to teach english there.Iam from Zambia married with no kids my wife also has a Bachelors in Social work.Any hints on how we can move there and what is required ?Is there a way also to know which schools to apply to?

    • Kevin Porter

      It depends Joseph on what you are hoping to do. The job market is booming and plenty of positions are easy to find, the main issue is always in learning the language and getting the work visa arranged for.

      The easiest way is through a student visa, I can help you there if you’d like as I know a really good school with a 100% success rate.

      Just send me an e-mail and I’ll give you that info kevin(at)

  • Sharibel Adalia

    Hi there! I want to teach in Brazil. I’ve been an ESL tutor for 8 years now. How to get a working visa?Thanks!

  • jesse

    hi Kevin .im a social qualified builder who has traveled the world except brazil, love having a good time experiencing new things ,is a work visa and work availible over there

  • Marcao Fabao

    You blog is a little unclear about the recognition of same sex married people from states, provinces, and countries where that is legal.

  • Madonna

    Hello, I am here in Brazil and i
    want to live and work in Brazil . I’m 27 and I want to do something exciting, so I want to live there for 2 years! what can I do? i