LIB 006: How to Open a Successful Cafe in Brazil with Josh Stevens of Café Cultura

Podcast-artrss Could I as a foreigner open a successful café or restaurant in Brazil?

This is a question that gets asked a lot within the foreign community as financial stability usually claims the nr. 1 spot.

And to be honest, I’ve heard both success stories and fail stories, where a foreigner came and opened or started a café/restaurant from scratch.

The successful cases usually have one thing that stands them out from the rest: quality.

And here’s why:

With an ever-growing Brazilian middle class, they are looking for good alternatives to salgadinhos (little finger snacks on the street) and typical Brazilian restaurants. This usually means that they want good quality, differentiated foods that make them say “que chick!”.

Today, you will hear from a man who has been über successful within the hospitality industry, not only has Josh Stevens opened a successful café/bistro chain in the tropical paradise of Florianópolis, but he has recently acquired a Brazilian “pousada” style hotel – he’s moving up in the Brazilian business world.

There is a lot of wisdom and advice to be had in his words, so listen carefully and take notes.

In this Session You Will Discover

  1. What it’s like to open and run a business in Brazil.
  2. How to study and research about starting something locally.
  3. Why you should focus on the locals.
  4. How he’s still running strong after 9 years instead of the under 1 year average life span of the area.
  5. What you need to know if you are considering buying an existing business…
  6. Why if you do something professional, you will do well in Brazil.
  7. How Josh made the transition from running everything to getting employees to carry the burden.

Items Mentioned in This Episode

  • in Lagoa da Conceição


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  • djfourmoney

    Good interview, it’s always nice to hear success stories of expats starting up brick and mortar businesses. The internet seems to intimidate so many from starting businesses online that don’t limit your ability to travel or live elsewhere.

    I also enjoyed his response to expansion, measured and limited to what they can realistically handle.

    • Kevin Porter

      Thanks! For sure, and it’s these success stories that will teach and guide us to be successful too.

      You should have seen the way he handled his staff in there, all were so well trained that they didn’t even need him there!

  • Rodrigo Dias

    Nice Kevin Porter great job you’re doing . I’m so glad to know that people like you are moving to Brazil. I’m brazilian, but have been living abroad for 20 years now, and I’m looking forward to going back ´home´as a consider my self a citizen of the world. and after all of those years living abroad i kinda of feel like a foreigner, i have experience of living in countries like oz, n.z, London, Israel, Belgium, and Barcelona, and France. i have no especial qualification, but lots of language skills, and ideas. my friends back home always tell me not to be scared of going back that i would be fine. and i have floripa in my mind. Cheers.

  • Joshua J

    Such a great great podcast. I am an American but my partner is brazilian. He lives in ilhues. I don’t want to sound pompous or deriding but one thing I notice here is a lack in quality. While there is some quality I think people would want more. If my partner is unable to obtain his visa to the US I may try to obtain a visa for work and living in Brazil. With that said opening a very professional, and quality business really appeals to me.