3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs in Brazil

All eyes are on Brazil and everyone seemingly wants a proverbial piece of the success pie that is becoming of the country!

With that increased attention, comes a lot of new jobs for foreigners and Brazilians.

And in Brazil, it is all about who you know that get’s you plugged into the right people so you can eventually find the right job for you.

In the old days, you would have to pretty much dial until you got finger cramps to find the right people in the right places – and usually in Portuguese.

Then you would need to be at the right places at the right times, inconvenience people and put a lot of analogue work into building your Brazilian network.

While building an analogue network is always a great idea, it does get tiring and is limiting – but mostly limiting.

Thankfully due to modern technology, networking is no longer as tedious a task as it once was, we can now automate many networking functions and keep constantly and easily up to date.

One of the wonders of social media is a website called , and if you don’t already have a profile over there, you’re frankly missing out!

So what is Linkedin and how can you use it to build your Brazilian network?

Let me show you…

What is LinkedIn and Why Should you Care?

Ever heard of Facebook?  Of course you have – who hasn’t?!

Facebook is a social networking platform for the purpose of:

  • Keeping an eye on others around “This is a picture of us swimming in tomato sauce”.
  • Playing games and entertainment “Jeff has invited you to play Darnville….”.
  • Keeping other’s updated around “I made a Happy Meal smoothie today!”.
  • Keeping up to date on favorite brands/people “Promoted: get in on this new energy drink which mixes tiger and lion spirit – we call it the E-Liger!”.

So basically we could conclude that people are on Facebook to entertain, interact and be entertained…

Facebook is just not that serious of a place to network – and it’s understandable as I have a hard time being serious on there.

Ever hear of stories of people either being fired or not getting hired because of what they had on Facebook?

I now rest my case against Facebook for networking on a professional level.

LinkedIn on the other hand is so similar but yet so different.

LinkedIn is a networking platform for people to connect, in many ways like Facebook, on a professional level with the purpose of:

  • Endorsing each other “Jeff has endorsed your Portuguese skills”
  • Sharing professional information “Kevin has updated his work experience”.
  • Building a tight-knight professional network of like-minded people “You and Luiz Ignacio da Silva are now connected”
  • Following companies with the intention of finding jobs or opportunities “You are now following Petrobras”
  • Joining like-minded business related groups “You are now a part of the Job’s in Brazil group”.

So you are on LinkedIn to build strong, relevant and meaningful networks with people who have strong professional ties to you.

What makes LinkedIn so good for this, is that they eliminate advertising clutter and monetize more by offering subscriptions, rather then spamming the bejesus out of you!

So what are 3 ways you can unlock the amazing networking potential of Linkedin and start building your network in Brazil immediately?

I’m glad you asked…

3 Ways You Can Start Building a Network in Brazil over Linkedin Today

On Linkedin, it doesn’t matter where you currently are as it’s global. This is wonderful as you do not have to wait to get started building your network in Brazil, you can do it now!

I’ve made a video to show you 3 ways you can start building a network and find a job in Brazil today (hint: they are via groups, the jobs section and by following companies.)

(Watch on YouTube)

To summarize, I covered the following points:

  • Why LinkedIn is important and why I regret not joining them earlier.
  • How to find Brazilian job related groups and join them.
  • How to search for jobs on LinkedIn.
  • How to find and follow Brazilian companies so you can keep up to date with job postings etc.
  • How you can use your LinkedIn network to get your foot in the door at a Brazilian company.

Do you get how powerful it is to use LinkedIn to find jobs in Brazil yet?

Finding Jobs Within Groups

In the video above, there is one more powerful thing I forgot to mention: you can find jobs within Linkedin groups.

This is great because if you are already involved in a group, chances are that it will be easier for you to get a job from within that group.

When you are in the group itself, click on the “jobs” tab, which is located just under the group title.

Within that group specific “jobs” section, you can see what is available, which connections within your network are connected to the company and so on.

It’s just another powerful way to find a job via LinkedIn.

Final Words

You know, I get a lot of people asking me how to find jobs in Brazil and this is just one more creative way to help you move forward and achieve your dream of working in Brazil.

In other words, my intention is to help you along as best as possible to achieve your dreams.

If you found the above video helpful, please .

Wishing you all the best in your job searching!

Valeu – cheers,


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