LIB 009: Ben’s Success Story on Giving Birth in Brazil

Giving birth in Brazil Today you are going to hear about how Ben successfully came to Brazil, gave birth and created a wonderful life from scratch.

The coolest part of having this site is meeting all sorts of new and amazing people through it, and one of these people is a man by the name of Ben.

Ben has been following this blog for a while and was one of the first people to contact me about giving birth in Brazil.  As a matter of fact, he was the main fuel for creating the “Giving Birth in Brazil” series of blog posts.

So I’ve been accompanying his story from the beginning and watched him go from 0 to happily situated in Brazil and made him promise to let me interview him after his child was born 🙂

And now that he has successfuly gone through everything, he’s so gracefully decided to tell us how we can do the same and what we can learn from his mistakes.

In This Session You Will Discover

  1. The best way to get residence in Brazil
  2. Why rules are structured for the benefit of foreigners having a Brazilian child
  3. The first planning steps to give Birth in Brazil
  4. Why 85% of births end in C-sections and what you should know
  5. How international health insurance will cover your birth in Brazil
  6. How Ben is willing to help point you in the right direction insurance-wise

Items Mentioned in This Episode

  1. The post on hospitals in Brazil
  2. The Giving Birth in Brazil series
  3. in Rio de Janeiro


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Cheers – valeu!

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  • I never gave birth in America but know many people who have. I gave birth in Brazil best thing I EVER done. No one I know has had the birthing experience I have had in Brazil, simply amazing !

  • sir kevin please there is any other way to get Pr of brazil without mariage please sir i have decided to visit brazil this 25 oct 2014 please tell me please

  • Hi Kevin planning to come deliver in Brazil next year February and need help with accommodation, hospitals etc. Kindly assist.

  • Dear Kevin,

    I am currently in Florianopolis and have arrived a few days ago. My EDD is 1/27/17 and we plan to stay in Brazil until Feb 20th.

    I am with my husband from the US. I am planning on giving birth at the Ilha Maternity Hospital.

    We are having a bit of a harder time getting set up than we imagined with an apartment that is reasonable priced so that we do not have to use AirBnB or stay in a Hotel the entire time. We do not know Portuguese and as a result was wondering what your fees were to assist during this process as well as an advice you have.

    One question I have though is what kind of budget one should be aiming for to get at least a studio apartment as close to the maternity hospital as possible up until Feb 20th.

    Mary Jade

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