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The Shocking Truth About Electricity in Brazil – 220v or 110v?
3 Must Knows About A Brazilian Tourist Visa
Exchanging to the Real – 3 Money Savings Tips

The Shocking Truth About Electricity in Brazil – 220v or 110v?

Brazilian electricity BrazilFrom city to city, voltage varies from 110-220v and could fry your electronics when travelling if you haven’t learned what I’m about to tell you.

It’s not uncommon to arrive in a city to find out that the voltage is 110v and then to travel 1 hour north just to learn that it’s 220v in that particular city.

This is the sad and frustrating truth of the electricity situation in Brazil and on top of this, you add the element of unstable electricity due to storms and you have a quite challenging situation for your electronics.

Today, I will lay out exactly how you can find out what the voltage of a city is and what you need to know to avoid any frying of your equipment.

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3 Must Knows About A Brazilian Tourist Visa

Taipu de Fora - low tide

Since receiving numerous e-mails with questions about tourist visas, I’ve decided to reveal 3 must knows about a Brazilian tourist Visa today!

After reading the tourist visa section in Joe’s Book “Brazil for Life”, or as I refer to it “The Foreigner’s Bible to Brazil”, questions many of you have been asking me surfaced.

I cant promise you that I will go over every intimate detail on how the visa works, how to apply step-by-step, and tourist-visa combos like Joe does – I’m not into plagiarising anyway 😉

But, I’ve decided to take action today and answer your questions by exposing these 3 must known aspects of a tourist visa, right now.

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Exchanging to the Real – 3 Money Savings Tips

Real, Reais, Dollars, Money, ExchangeIf you are like me, you hate wasting unnecessary money on fees, especially when exchanging money.

I mean the 20% I lose by exchanging money at the airport could be put to MUCH better uses!

But what if all you have is a bank account full of your national currency and you want to get the highest possible – what do you do?

In this blog post, I will explain to you 3 ways that you can effectively and easily get the best bang for your buck when converting to the .

This is intended to be a help to people who are looking for more immediate and/short term money exchanging solutions, if you are looking at moving large sums of money then that will have to be another blog post!

I personally remember the first time I arrived in Brazil, before I left I exchanged some money so that I had some Reals in hand upon arrival.  But once I arrived, I realized that not every place takes credit/debit cards like back home, I needed an easy and secure way to withdraw and exchange money from my American bank account.

After some networking with other foreigners in Brazil, I figured out 3 effective ways to get some good old cold, hard Brazilian cash.

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